Your response is urgent!!

Years ago now, an ex-extended family member informed me that she was only interested in staying informed,  she was not interested in becoming involved.  This was in response to AFA’s request for an urgent message.

Today.  The urgent messages are far closer to home because of just such people who “don’t want to get involved” but they will be the first to gripe and complain when things don’t go as they think they should.

Here is an opportunity for you to make a difference before it is too late.

Take Action: Army Chaplain faces court martial for his Christian faith.

Make a difference today.  Our Christian freedom is in peril and for our g’children and great g’children we are the ones to make THAT difference.  Do it NOW!!

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The domino effect began, continued, multiplied in lives~~~~


~~~The thought of writing and telling my story begins with the adoption at 24 hours of age to an old woman who informed me, about 5 years later that she did not take me to love, she took me for a reason.  It was 50 years later when I found out what the reason had been. She was a smelly old woman and knew beautifully how to break your will, not guide it.  In today’s society I would have been put in a foster home and she in jail.  The leather strap and the Coleman Floor furnace brought many hurtful times.  My teachers were steady people who even at my very young age saw/knew/helped where they could. I grew to hate her through the years and the day I turned 18, I laughed in her ugly face and told her how much I hated her and walked out never to return to that house again. I went to the home of the Music Director in the High School from which I was graduated in 1953 and lived with them for two years.

She had a blood son and another adopted “daughter”.  Ray never came to see her. In the olden days a daughter would be the one to sacrifice her life to remain unmarried and care for her parents.  When Mrs. Brown (which is way too polite to call her) was on her death-bed, her son and I were called.  Ray and I drove back to Salina to the hospital only to see the “other” daughter who had given up her own lifestyle for this old woman holding her head in her hands as she lay there in bed.  Ray said to me, “I could not do that.” I said to him, “I WOULD not do that”.  At one point I was alone in the room with her and I went over to her bed and let her know once again how much I hated her and how glad I was to know that Beulah soon would be free from her wretchedness. And I walked away. She died that night.

Music (violin, piano and organ, in that order) had been my salvation through my early years.  I would take my music and my violin in to the bathroom and pretend that I had just walked on stage to a roaring applause and together with a huge orchestra I would present my music.  Of course, this was different.  I was there to get away from the wretch and to practise sometimes over and over again one phrase of the music. I had a four-year scholarship with every thing even clothes paid for and the freedom to live with a family just off campus at a wonderful College in Lindsborg, Kansas.  I declined. I did not want to be tied down to any one, any where, ever again. The idea of ever being  highly respected in the music world was washed down the drain. And furthermore, I did not care.

And with those first 18 years the only good thing that came of it was that I was saved right out of High School in 1953.  The wretchedness was strongly attached to me and within was a calciumified form of hate that thrived and the wrong decisions began and the beginning of a life with many, many, many turns, twists and developments popped its head up. It all would lead to where I am, right now.

I have been over many thresholds, many decisions, many of them wrongly made and as a result the next developments were determined in life and of course from those decisions the domino effect simply continued on through my lifetime.

There are trillions of wrongs in my life and as a result those wrongs have developed into further differences. All of the wrongs in my life have caused others to make their “wrongs” and so onward the “wrongs”, the “differences”, the “decisions” have continued and multiplied in each life.  WAY OFF COURSE from where each should have been in their beginning. It is funny though how people will get the idea that they are not wrong but that THEY are the “wronged” ones. But both sides of the coin are always there and the domino effect is fluently working in every life where decisions right or wrong have been made by that individual and not some one else. In reality the domino effect has compromised the Fruit of the Spirit in our lives and for me, I have had to made decisions that should have been made years and years ago but hindsight is always better than foresight. Whenever any one goes against the grain of what they SHOULD have said SHOULD have done or WOULDN’T do they have contributed to that domino effect.

As a result of all the years that now are behind me and all of the knowledge of life that I now have and realizing the wrongs that were along the way that ALL of us made, I have dealt with it at the foot of the cross because there is no place else to go.  Only the Lord has been sustainable in my life.  Only the Lord has forgiven any and all wrongs in my life.  Only the Lord is there to nudge me onward when I don’t feel like it and life really isn’t in the habit of any hand-outs.

He is sufficient. That is all I can say.  It is almost too simple to be forgiven, to be given a new opportunity to move ahead and get back on that track of Psa. 139.    But it is by “faith” and faith alone that we can live – that we can walk straight – that we can see behind us where we have been and feel the Lord turn our head back around where our eyes are looking straight ahead with Eternal Life right out there in front of us.

Oh yes.  It would be wonderful to have a family who thinks the world of you but when you don’t have it, you need to remember that it is only a fringe benefit in life and one can do without it.  And when I look back over my life I can see why thinking the world of me would be a laughable thing to possess.  Even as I write, I find myself laughing at it.  I know myself faaaaaaaaaar better than any member of my family and that is why it is laughable.

But I am now Homeward Bound.  Wrongs have been righted in God’s eyes and I need do nothing more but move on.  Mrs. Brown was a terrible test in my life and she was the cause of many of the dents and holes that I sustained growing in those young years. And the reverberations continued on in my life for years and while that was happening, my life was in turmoil. But one does not have to bend and honor them for a lifetime.

It makes little difference how you began.   What makes a difference is how you end.  The Fruit of the Spirit, as its juice is made and drips over my life is sufficient for all of my attitudes, feelings and desires. And this is the road that I plan to remain on the rest of the way Home.

This ends the short segment from my life story.  None else needs to be written because there are enough aggravations in life. They are the fringe benefits of Satan and he is not the one that I intend to serve.

The One who gave me life in the beginning (Psa. 139) , forgiveness along the way (John 1:9) and……….I can say with Thomas, “My Lord and My God”. THIS is where my allegiance holds………..when you have nothing else in this life, you will find that you NEED nothing else………He is ALL sufficient in every way, shape and form. Failing is not an option.  Surviving was!  Surviving is!!

In His Care

Marge H.

I have been asked if~~~~

~~~~if I would consider writing about my life.  I looked at the person and said, “what in the world is there to write about!!!!!  No one wants to read about an old woman who has failed in almost everything she has done in life.”  Their response was, “You haven’t failed.  You have survived”. The question and response came from a person I have known for several years now. They too, are up there in years.

There are things I would like to write about before I give up computer life.  I will not be writing a book though.  “One Woman’s Journey into Widowhood” was costly.  $10,000.00 worth.  It was worth it all.  Just the experience of doing it for one thing and being able to know I did the manuscript on a laptop. I was told that approximately 1% of the people in the US have written a book and had it published.

And that thought brings a laugh to my heart.  To think I would even be using a laptop is laughable.  There is a gal, living on the North Campus.  She boasts of  her g’son giving her a laptop.  He even offered to teach her how to use it. She is what I call a “determined ole woman”. When the g’son left, she promptly took the new “equipment” to the garbage bin and tossed it.  She said she wanted nothing to do with new fangled stuff that wastes so much time.  Lots of people are out there today, dyed-in-the-wool-old-timers and they would not think of owning a computer or laptop.  They simply don’t know what they are missing.

Here is another avenue of thinking.  I have purchased since 2008 three 24″ computers.  I have also purchased  nine laptops. – All Apple products.  And yes!  You are reading the numbers correctly.  I am not proud of it but as the lady said to me, it wasn’t a part of the “failure” in my life.  It was  a part of my “surviving”.  My son called me a name one time in one of his emails that described my purchasing/tossing.  I do not remember the word he used. I immediately shredded the email so I never had to see it again. No fault of his.  As with so many, he was able to understand “nothing” that was happening inside of me.  I was so grateful for the ones who stood head and shoulders above the fray and never failed to be there for me and keep me afloat.

One of the times when I purchased a MacBookpro, the person helping me took my drivers license for ID. He looked at it. Then he said, “Are you really this old?” And I said, “yes”. Then he said………..”Mrs. Humphrey, why don’t you get the mouse as well.  It will be so much easier for you to use.”  I laughed, and said to him, “Tom, I can do anything that you can do on the MacBookpro , but it just takes me longer.” Using the fingers instead of a mouse have become second nature to me.

Already I am “itching” to write. Though I pause as I say that, because so much of my life has tears behind it, and hurts that can not be mended.

Life has no dress rehearsals.  It is a one time through.  It is not how you start that amounts to a hill of beans. It is how you finish.

In His Hands,


Spurgeon~~~~great man that he was!

After I wrote regarding two dear friends, earlier this evening,  I went to where waiting for me was a “word from Charles Spurgeon” from another era and yet, right on!!!!! He was born 6/19/1834 (Almost a hundred years before I was) and he died 1/31/1892.  His thoughts and words are as current as if he had just written this for this posting of mine.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Faith’s Check Book, Daily Entry

C. H. Spurgeon

August 5

Law in the Heart

The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide. (Psalm 37:31)

Put the law into the heart, and the whole man is right. This is where the law should be; for then it lies, like the tables of stone in the ark, in the place appointed for it. In the head it puzzles, on the back it burdens, in the heart it upholds.

What a choice word is here used, “the law of his God”! When we know the Lord as our own God His law becomes liberty to us. God with us in covenant makes us eager to obey His will and walk in His commands. Is the precept my Father’s precept? Then I delight in it.

We are here guaranteed that obedient-hearted man shall be sustained in every step that he takes. He will do that which is right, and he shall therefore do that which is wise. Holy action is always the most prudent, though it may not at the time seem to be so. We are moving along the great high road of God’s providence and grace when we keep to the way of His law. The Word of God has never misled a single soul yet; its plain directions to walk humbly, justly, lovingly, and in the fear of the Lord are as much words of wisdom to make our way prosperous as rules of holiness to keep our garments clean. He walks surely who walks righteously.

So ends his writing for the 5th of August.  Be Blest, encouraged and led.  Marge H.


It is Sunday evening and ~~~~

~~~~I find myself sitting on the glider with little Od sleeping beside me – – both of us are waiting for it to cool down outside so he can have his last walk of the day.

As I sit, I think back years and years ago to a young couple who between the moment that the Pastor was to pray over them to the moment when he actually did, a mountain of God’s unusual working in His people was consumed/begun/continued/keeps on continuing.

I opened my file on two dear friends from another time. Picked up their newsletter called the FORSTER FILL-IN, dated December 2014. It told of the Kuna Bible Dedication in Panama whereby there were 3,200 in attendance.  Praise God!!

Keith and Wilma were being interviewed and Keith speaking, said, “The activities of that special week took me back to the day in 1963 when God confirmed His call on my life for full-time service.  The verse I was given that day was 1 Chronicles 28:20. ‘Be strong and courageous and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord God….is with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you until ALL the work for the service of the temple of the Lord is finished’ “.

Keith continued, “In 1963 this verse was 100% promise.  Now I gratefully testify that the verse is 100% testimony to God’s faithfulness. He HAS been with us. He HAS NOT failed us…AND…He has given us the privilege of finishing ALL the work to which He called us. We serve an incredible God”.

Keith was asked what’s next!!! His reply was, “We will continue to be involved in some Kuna projects for the next several months. We have been investigating the possibility of publishing some Kuna materials on waterproof (synthetic) paper.  We would like to prepare a pocket-sized edition of Psalms and Proverbs on that type of paper and also a reprint of the Kuna hymnbook.”  (Keith was thinking outside-the-box and I believe God was pleased.)

Fast forward.  Our Heavenly Father called Keith Home Jan. 30, 2018. It is now seven months later and the Lord has supplied and been so sufficient for Wilma as He has guided and led her all the way.  It is now August of 2018 and just today I received an email from her. The work continues and exciting times are ahead.  The work of the Lord is never late. His people to serve the capacity of the next phase of the Work is picking up the mantle and moving ahead. Here is part of her email.

“A HUGE praise to the Lord is that, with the help of Wycliffe colleagues and our Kuna colleague Jaime Rios, I was able to sign off  on the handy-sized, waterproof publication of the Kuna New Testament before my trip”.  (Wilma will be traveling to South Africa shortly) She continues, “It will be going to press within a few days.  This was one of the last projects Keith worked on before his health deteriorated.  He was so anxious for the Kuna people to have God’s Word in a convenient size of durable material that they could take with them wherever they went – hunting in the bush, fishing at sea, to university in their backpack, or even in a lady’s purse on a long bus ride home from Panama City. I am thrilled and grateful to have this project off to press.”

In her newsletter she speaks of the first steps underway in the preparation of a new Kuna Hymnbook.  Three musicians are working with a computer program to align approximately 75 newly written Kuna hymns with the music score.  Layout for the hymnbook to begin in October.

The Border Kuna Project (OT translation and revision of NT) is about to begin. Wilma states this will be the first Kuna dialect in which they worked.   It will get under way later this year.

How exciting.  How rewarding. How bittersweet.  Ah.  Yes.  I know that word!!  So does Wilma!!

I have shared extensively because I wanted my Readers to get a feel of the excitement that comes through the years as God works in His people, and with His people so they may come to know love accept Him as their be able to live for all eternity, at Home, with Him.

Yes. Keith will be there.  Wilma will be there.  Loren will be there.  I will be there. Glorifying God and in the wonder of it all…..somehow…..all whom God touched those many years ago, and all through the years that passed, the praising, the love, the glorifying atmosphere, all eyes will be on the One who made it all possible – – the Lord Jesus Christ – – who lived/died/buried/risen will have all……….all………all of us with Him forever and ever. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!!!!!!!!

In His grasp forever more!!


It is my thinking~~~~

~~~~if you have been a follower somewhere along the way with my Blog, it might be a good idea to “click” it once more.  I do not have a connection now with Facebook and my Blog should not be showing there. I have changed domains, formats, etc., from time to time and so with FB no longer showing my posts, you may need to update.  Thanks.  Marge

So many changes to FB~~~

A lot of changes have been made and I am sure there will be many more.  I have enjoyed my Blog work through these 8 years and I will still post for a bit, but I know changes are every where and probably a lot of my posting will not be seen.

I just want all of my readers to know that you can come over to my Blog a couple of times a month and get in on whatever I have written.  I am not posting as much now and find that I have other interests that seem to be taking place and so probably this will not be as much as before.

I want to thank all of you, not just in the U.S and Canada but around the world.  The countries that have found their way to my Blog is humbling.  Thank you. I pray that the Lord has blest you and that you in turn will be a blessing some where, some how, some way to some one along the way.

In His Hands and On His Road,

Marge Humphrey and Od, tooimg_2224