God was not Scarce with His “Energy Bars”~~~~~

Some have asked for a listing of the Word of God that has helped me through the journey I have been on. As well I have worked with Power to Change, an extension of Campus Crusade,  over a decade now and I have just ended that phase of work this week.

I want to give you some of the important vss. used in helping others along the way, too.  It might be a “vitamin” for you to use in talking with others about your Lord.

The vss. are many.  I have wondered how to lay it out.  If I print out the vss. there will be many, many pages for you to sift through.  That would not be too inviting. I will list the vss. by Books. Following that listing, I will give a few other vss that will give you a potpourri of thinking.  NOT NECESSARILY will it be in the order found in the Bible.

To keep from repeating the Bible used on most vss. it will be shown as thus:  * NASB.  ** NKJV. *** LB. ****NIV    I don’t show the version used on a lot of them because the wording was not sufficiently lacking in speaking to my soul.  Here we go.

2 Chronicles

20:17 ****


31:15a *, 37:23.24 *, 50:15 ***, 56:8 * 103, 139:16 *


30:21, 33:6a*, 40:31,  43:18, 19a*,  46:4***, 54:5*, 55:8,9*


17:7,8, 33:3


14:6*, 14:29*




3:13,14, 4,13


12:1,2, 13:8*


Scriptures of interest – and of importance to know/memorize/use

Rom. 12:2 from The Message.  EXCELLENT – right up to date – current.

John 10:16.  “other Sheep”. That’s the GENTILES!  That is you and me!!

John 11:25, 26. Dynamite!!!!

Matt. 11:28-30.  Vs. 28. “rest”. Peace WITH God through salvation.  Vs. 29. “rest.  Peace OF God through surrender of life.

Matt. 13:58.  God is prohibited from working miracles in my life MANY TIMES because of UNBELIEF.

Isa. 11:15.  “Tongue”. Suez Canal.  “Egyptian Sea”.  Red Sea.

Matt. 6:33.  “Seek ye first – – not only”.

Psa. 103:12. WOW!  You can count on this!  The past ended one second ago!!

Psa. 40:17a.  You occupy His attention.

Gal. 5:22, 23.  The Fruit of the Spirit is NOT Spirit-Control, but self-control under the leadership of the Spirit.

Phil. 4:13. Victory in Jesus!!!!

Phil. 4:19. God’s blank check.  He provides a supernatural provision for ALL our needs.

1Thess. 4:16, 17.  THIS IS THE RAPTURE!!!!!!!!!!

1Thess. 5:16-18.  Vs. 18 is absolute guarantee against emotional depression.  You need to recognize that God has a plan including even the most unhappy circumstances which work for your long-range good.  He does not say FOR everything give thanks, but IN everything. (I could not thank Him FOR Loren gone away but I can thank Him IN the fact that He (God) is right here with me every step of the way – through the grief, healing, beginning life again and so on.  He IS sufficient in ALL ways.

2Tim. 1:2.  Grace for every step..Mercy for every stumble..Peace for every situation.

Heb. 9:27.  The NIAGARA FALLS of LIFE.

Heb. 11:3.  Evolution contradicts the Bible!!!!

FIRSTS in the Bible:

Gen. 1:26  Trinity.  Gen. 2:21a Sleeping pill. Gen. 2:21b Surgery. Gen. 3:12. Excuse.  Gen. 4:17.  Woman after Eve.  Gen. 4:17.  Murderer.  Gen. 4:20.  Cattleman.


Musician…Gen. 4:21.  Foundry…Gen. 4:22.  Second sleeping pill…Gen. 15:12. Hospitality…Gen. 18:6.  Solemn Prayer Recorded…Gen. 18;23-33.  Recording of Incest…Gen. 19:31-38.  Piece of property owned by Abraham…Gen. 21:30. GPS…Matt. 2:9.

Ishmael:  represents the Arabs!  ISAAC:  represents the JEWS.

Reconciliation..Matt. 5:23-26.  Grey Hair.  Prov. 16:31.  Pride before a fall.  Prov. 16:18. Forgiving formula.  2Cor. 2:5-11.  If Paul wasn’t safe from the toehold of Satan, I had better be more alert!!

SATAN: transformed into an angel of light.  2Cor. 11:13-16. CHRIST:  I am Who I Am. Exodus 3:14.

Catalog of 21st Century Vices.  2Tim. 3:1-5.

Between Duet. 34:10 and Mark 9:4, there were 1,500 years.

My two life verses.  If you don’t have your own, it is important for you to find.  Mine have been my crutches many times.

Jere. 29:11…LB.  Isa. 46:4…LB.


Let’s say I do not know where John 3:16 is found, nor do I know all of the words in the verse. So I come to my computer and I google it.  All you need is to know a word or two and the computer does the rest for you. I put in, “Where is ‘God so loved’ found in biblehub.com?”  Click.  And you will have your answer!! I like biblehub.com because all of the versions, translations, etc. come up at once so you can see them all, read them and find the one that shouts to your soul.

OKAY!  You now have “The Word Indigestion”, I am sure.  But you will not hear from me again, so this is my gift to you. Print it.  File it where you can get your hands on it.  And down the road, some day, you will give to someone  what you have learned and used, just as I have done for you.

Enjoy.  Print out if you want a hard copy.  My posts will remain on the computer until the end of June, 2017.

In His Hands and On His Road….. “The Lord thinketh on me…”  Psa. 40;17a.  Marge H.

ANYONE who finds a mistake, please let me know.  My computer has been doing funny things tonight and I have read and re-read but still, I am having problems.  Thanks for your help. mh





6/13 Mistake on posting. Please correct.

Thank you soooooo much for correcting me.  I have 6 pastors now who are reading my posts and there are times when I print the wrong verse.  I always appreciate a correction so we can be blest.

I gave the address for the following verse incorrectly.  Here is the verse and it’s address.

“I want you to trust Me in your times of trouble, so I can rescue you and you can give Me glory”.  Psa. 50:15.

When you memorize it is important to see how the verse is worded as many ways as possible and then determine which one speaks to you and that is the one to memorize.

I memorize often from The Message or The Living Bible.  Psa. 50:15, here, is from the Living Bible.  It speaks so directly to me.

Here is the same verse in the NKJ.

“Call upon Me  in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me”.

For many, this is the one that speaks to their hearts, so go for it.  So glad that you want to memorize this verse.  I have less than a week left for posting and I plan to do a post of verses that have stabbed my heart when my need was there to find a verse to grab on to.  Probably will do that post this Friday, the 16th.

Blessings on you. Keep on keeping on with that memorizing.


To My Christian Family of Blog Readers~~~~~~

You are the group that I am asking help from. Only Christians.  What is the definition of that!! Well. James 5: 16b speaks to this.  “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”  John 14:10-14 speaks volumes.  (I do not have room to print it all out but you can read it) Matthew 7:21 reads, “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the will of My Father in heaven“.  On to vs. 24, “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man….”On to vs. 26b, “But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them will be like a foolish man….”  (This is just a sampling of the definition I am using to call for your help.)

Some of you out there (here in the States and in other countries) have MS.  My daughter has MS.  It is a cruel illness.  Meds on the market today are cruel in their effect on a person and their pocketbook as well.

(Let me deviate for a moment) When I moved to Prescott over a year ago, my g’daughter couldn’t sleep one night and went to her computer and began to look for the help that I was in need of to relieve the back spasms that had “graced” my back for a very long time.  Urgent Care told me it was not to be found on the mountain.  But Tori found it !!!!  I no longer have the spasms.

Tonight, rather this morning, it is my turn, only I am coming to you Christians who have been followers of my Blog for almost  seven years to ask you to pray fervently for a very small Company in the UK called LIFNano. I want to print out for you a bit of what they say.

“The LIFNano approach to MS provides therapeutic synergy for (i) suppression of auto-immune attack and (ii) repair of myelin within damaged CNS tissue.”

“LIFNano’s lead indication is to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disabling incurable auto-immune disease of the central nervous system (CNS) commonly affecting young adults and involving 100,000 people in the UK alone.  Inflammatory damage to the nerve’s protective myelin sheath – demyelination – is the hallmark of MS that progressively or intermittently causes a wide range of symptoms as specific nerves become inflamed.  Currently available therapies are mainly limited to immunosuppression and do not prevent progression of disease that is linked to the irreversible loss of nerves.”

“There is still a lot of work to do before clinical trials can commence (provisionally scheduled for 2020). Currently we’re remaining tightly focused on targeting Multiple Sclerosis, but we are optimistic about potential applications in the future.  We are a small company and it is unlikely that we will be able to broaden the scope of our work before a couple of years.”

Those of you with MS, can keep up on clinical info by going to http://www.lifnano.com

Why I feel so strongly about this is because my husband participated in a clinical trial many years ago for Celebrex.  I know from personal experience with him that the clinical trial was a God-send for us.  Without Celebrex, Loren would not have been able to walk in his 80’s and 90’s. NOT AT ALL!!!!

Every trial will be different of course.  I am speaking only of our experience. Not knowledge, but experience.  All during the clinical trial there was no cost AT ALL to us.  He did report into his Dr. twice a week so his progress could be reported to Washington. First 4 months, then 6 months, then a year, then 3 years.  All this time, no cost at all to us.  But constant progression in a positive way for him.

I am asking christians to please pray fervently for LIFNano.  This small, little company, and also for Su Metcalfe PhD, Founder.  Su discovered the role of the stem cell factor LIF in immune  tolerance followed by a second discovery of the LIF/IL-6 axis in T lymphocyte lineage determination.  (Don’t ask me what I have just written.). All that I know is we need the fervent prayers of Godly people who know the Lord, believe in prayer without question, knowing that we always receive our answer – sometimes it is yes – sometimes it is no – sometimes it is later. But for Christians we know and depend upon the Word of God and regardless of “how” He answers WE KNOW His way is best and we wait on Him and know that He knows already the outcome of when, where, why, how, and with whom.

A verse comes to mind and I adamantly believe it.  “I want you to trust Me in your times of trouble so that I can rescue you and you can give Me the glory” Psa. 50:15.

One week from today will be my last post on my Blog so i will never again be able to speak to you as I have these moments this morning.  Please.  I beg you!  Keep LIFNano in your prayers because somewhere, somehow, someway, some day there will be hope.  Is it possible that through the fervent prayers of God’s people, we will see it in our day.

Believing with all my heart and being held in His hands,  Marge

(I have emailed the Company and told them I would be praying for them and their work.  If you feel led, email the Company and let them know you are doing the same.)

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A busy day, it was ~~~~

The day is over and almost bedtime.  The piano arrived, I did three loads of laundry, moved furniture around, and found that it was time for me to call it a day before my body forced me to quit by some silly thing happening.

I look at my calendar and see that tomorrow will be the 13th.  One more week until the 20th.  Each year I am at this point in time, both looking back to see where I have come from and looking forward praying God’s control, grace, mercy and peace on my life.  Loren will soon be Home for 9 years. At times I just can’t seem to realize it has been so long and at other times I wonder where time has gone.

Also on the 20th will be my last posting on my Blog. It is time, THIS TIME, to call it quits.  I remember a few years back when my favorite author was giving up her computer but still inviting friends to meet for coffee, brunch or whatever.  Her reason?  She wanted more time to study God’s Word.  I could NOT understand WHAT she was doing.  I do now.  Because I am there.  No.  I am not giving up the computer yet but giving up some areas that drain my time.  I, too, want to spend more time in study.  When you are going to spend eternity with some One, you want to know ALL about them  that is possible to know.  Of course, knowing it all will never happen but I can certainly do “more better” than otherwise.

It has certainly been fun during the holiday seasons to share so many recipes from other times in my life. If you learned nothing else, I hope you have learned that it is alright to step outside your comfort zone with foods when you have guests coming.  Just do one thing differently and make it special. Don’t slop things onto the table.  The butter dish may look like fingers instead of a butter knife got into it. Don’t use your fingers to transfer food to a guest’s plate.  Disgusting! When you have guests who like coffee don’t offer them instant coffee just because it isn’t your thing.  They are your guests! Make enough coffee for seconds as well.

You Seniors know that you are alright.  The things that happen to you will happen for a long time to come.  Know that you will get past them when the time, for you, is right.  I have had many mileposts on this journey and each one, I found, makes things easier as time goes by.

I have felt for a very long time that I could never play the piano again.  But somehow, the Lord has subtly nudged me along with people who have been so gracious to me and though a time or two I have felt difficult moments. But, all of a sudden last Sunday when I was doing a 15 min. Prelude, my thoughts let me enjoy the music and grace the sounds for those coming to the service.  For a moment in time, Seniors, I almost felt guilty because I had not thought of Loren and his tender moments when I would leave the piano area to sit with him for the messages.  But in my heart I knew God had brought me further than I had been in over a decade.  And He continues to lead me on.

“Precious Lord, take my hand – – lead me on – – help me stand – – I am tired, I am weak, I am worn; Thro’ the storm – – Thro’ the night – – Lead me on to the light  – – Take  my hand, Precious Lord, lead me Home.”

Music by Thomas A. Dorsey. Words by George N. Allen.

(I accompanied a retired pastor when he was singing one evening.  When he introduced me as his accompanist, he said, “Marge is the only white accompanist I know with back hands.”  He was funny!!!  But I love this song in a deep southern style, not warm and prayerful as some like it.  It touches the very bottom of your soul  when you are “deep into it!”)

God is amazing.  He will always meet you where you are but he will never leave you where you are.  He created each one of us – – He is still re-molding, re-creating, re-shaping us so that we can be all that He wants us to be.  How do you put an ocean in a teacup!!

In His hands and on His road.  Marge

The piano is no longer coming ~~ It is HERE!!!!!!

Okay!!  Od has scurried to his safety net a/k/a “under the bed”.  Loren is safely “hanging” overhead.  And “I” am not disappointed.  It ain’t as bad as I thot it might be, though there will be   L–O–T–S   of work to be done on it but you know what!!!!  I can see the finished product and the Lord has given and I simply say “thank you” and know what it will be like in a few days or weeks.

I am soooooo grateful – I didn’t dream of having one again….I didn’t ask for one…..it simply became known on my Pastor’s heart that I could be a help to EBC if a piano was in my home, I guess.  Pastor Dan and Glen, our Worship Leader, saw to it that it arrived today.  I will help in whatever way Glen deems helpful, his Ensemble., and however else the musical side of the service(s) can be graced with thanksgiving.




Well!  It will be beautiful ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in time.

Thankfully…. in His Hands and on His Road.  Marge





The piano ~~ it’s coming

Some time this coming week I will meet a piano that will “grace” my living room.  You did get that word “grace”, didn’t you!! It is my understanding that the mice have had a heyday with the felts and it doesn’t look too good.  But the good news is that professionals have taken a look at it and determined that since it once was a very expensive piano and, they believe it is worth fixing up.  But even with all of that, I was asked if I wanted to see it before it came.  Now – – that is scary.  I said no.  After all, it is more fun to “wonder” what I am in for.

If it looks too bad I may paint it in psychedelic colors; you know, one leg an orange, the other black and white.  Well.  If I don’t want to be ex-communicated I better retain the “lady” aspect of my better nature.

I guess you can tell, I am having fun in this new setting of living.  Who would ever have guessed!!!!! There was a moment in time when I wanted to stay on the mountain because the cottage was sooooo sweet and I LOVED it, but my better judgment told me I needed to get where my needs would be met at the twinkling of an eye when needed.  Little did I know all the nice, surprising things I was going to grace my life with.

I wish I could just tell you how it all happened, but I can’t because there was no beginning or end to it. Never in my wildest nightmares did I ever envision playing the piano again and the shuddering feeling that came with Loren being gone seemed to tell me I could not do it again.  Well, I am not doing it again.  What I am doing is totally different from any thing I’ve done before.  Believe it or not, I am totally satisfied, never looking at where I have been in a yearning way, but looking at where I have been in a tremendously humble, thankful way, knowing it was all to become memories along with my beloved husband.   I am not/did not/won’t be yearning for the past because I am graced with my past being a part of my memories that God has kept for me to have in my older years of living.  And that, is exactly what they are, good, good memories and a thankful heart for every single one of them.

“Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past.  Behold, I am doing something new”.  Indeed He did/He has/He is/He always will.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it doesn’t arrive Monday afternoon, then I look for it Wednesday or as is convenient with those who have spent so much time getting me something I never ask for or thought about. Once it arrives I will send a picture via my blog of how it looked when it arrived and how I have “decorated” it and made it mine for as long as I am alive to use it.

The next two Sundays I am doing the Prelude (11th and 18th) and yes,  I am ready. I spent some time this afternoon at Hines rehearsing,  And I am plugged in at Woodmark (A LOVELY Retirement Complex!!!!!) to do the piano work for Pastor Dan, on Sunday afternoons at 2:30.

I am fully booked with all that I can handle as I will be doing CD work for the Ensemble so they can come and sing perfectly for Glen when they work out.  Well. At least they will be greatly helped with the CD to work with.

Who would have guessed. Who would ever have thought I would be a busy bee once again in music, except this time, it is TOTALLY different and I am loving the change of pace though I am soooooooooooooooooooo very busy. Some how, I sense my Loren way off in distance with his quiet, quiet smile and his blessing  upon me greatly!

In His Hands and on His Busy Road.  Marge

From another time!!!!

I was chatting with a friend today and we were talking about her Bible.  I have not seen it but she talks of it being a bit tattered and torn and full of notes and not always does she wish to think of giving it up.

My response was to get the next Bible that will take the place of the tattered and torn one and begin to put your current notes in it just as she has her old one.  I believe that if she were to remain with her old worn out one, she wouldn’t necessarily grow.  She has grown up to and including the notes she felt had been worthy to take.  Now she would remain stagnant if she didn’t progress onward with the new Bible,  new comments and thoughts entered in the margins and the new grooming of her mind by her Lord.

After I hung up, I sat for a moment and thought.  I know.  Dangerous is that word “thought”, when I have used it.  But seriously.  I have begun to play the piano again. Nothing has been trying to put the brakes on.  I do not question it at all.  Not asking for it.  Not looking for it. I have done a solo in church – difficult, but manageable.  I will be working out with the Emmanuel Singers at church Wed. afternoon while their accompanist has another commitment.  Fine.  No problem.  Why!!??!!

Five years ago I could have had a ministry in music much like Grace Community but MORE. I was told the choir in that church was considered small when they had 100 present.  It would have been mine without blinking an eye.  I was given a rehearsal room to work out in.  And the first day I spent probably about 35 minutes on music and struggling just to sit there, let alone, work on that music.  Eventually, I picked it all up, returned it to the Secretary and ask her to tell the director, I would not be accepting the position, I simply could not do it.  I got in the car and drove straight north (yip!  Time #3 that I had done that). I drove almost to highway 40 and turned around and came home.

What is the difference now?  It all “seems” so right.  As I thought this afternoon, I realized that I was not stepping into a position of ministry as I once had.  It is a different ministry in music.  Lovely hymns. Small church. Just a piano. No organ. No 3 or 4 services on a Sunday morning.  Just one service.  Not several thousand there.  Easter Sunday morning had 83 in attendance. No choir, just an ensemble. No Music Minister but a man deeply in love with his Lord and in his later years is serving where and how the Lord wants of him.

There.  I just hit the nail on the head.  “A woman deeply in love with her Lord and in her later years, serving where and how the Lord wants of her.”  The Lord did not want me to worship as an idol, where I had been and what He had allowed for me to accomplish for so many years.  What is that verse I have quoted so many times!!!!! “Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past.  Behold I will do something new.”  

What the Lord gave to me in the past was for the past – for that time in my life.  I had grown as a result.  Now it is a different time with a different purpose but with the same love. Time now for a different growth spurt.

I am missing “nothing” of the past.  NOTHING!!!!  All precious memories but nothing that I am crying over, despondent over, or lacking in my life.  No.  Nothing is lacking.  I am fulfilled and the prayers that have been offered up in my behalf for so long by those who could see beyond where I was and to where I could be and would be, at the right time.  How grateful. How thankful I am for those who never gave up on me and encouraged me onward, inward, outward, downward and upward.  Thank you!

“O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together”.   Marge