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May your heart be blest beyond measure!

Pastor Roger from my home church – such a wise man.

God knew exactly what He was putting in the leadership of His flock when He gave them Roger Ball.  I find his quiet spirit and wisdom galore.  Here are some of his thoughts recently.  We can take them to heart and do something with them.

He replied recently, “I find less anger, less resentment, greater influence and more joy if I practice the following ten things every day”.

Here they are, my friend!

l.  Before I lead a person verbally I first pour on lots of affirmation.

2.  Most people do not want advice. Before I give advice I ask permission to share ideas and wisdom.

3.  Jesus, like leadership, occurs only after many acts of patience, compassion and credibility.

4.  A joy filled life is not the result of an official job title or a job position rather the pure joy of washing the dirty feet of sinners as the Lord washes daily my dirty feet.

5.  My resentment and anger is not caused by the hurtful immature acts of others.

6.  My resentment and anger comes from my own sense of inadequacy.

7.  My resentment and anger comes from my own need for approval.

8.  I can only be responsible for my feelings and actions.

9.  My resentment and anger comes from my own inability to wash feet as a humble servant of the Lord.

10. Before I give advice I show the person in several ways I deeply care and respect them in the image of God.

After these ten, he gives each of us an invitation.

“Let’s be happy people and happy Christians.”


What do ya think!!  I think it is worth trying.  We cannot fail with God as our Helper, encourager and stronghold.

In His Hands.


It struck me right between the eyes~~

When things happen to us in real life on planet earth, we sometimes slump into a time of oh-me-oh-my.  But a Christian should not be that way and if they are, it should not happen for long. Reason?  We know we are not citizens of this world.  We are only passing through and what happens to us while we are in the passing zone is really not sufficient to have a pity party.

It is a means though of lifting those eyes above and beyond to the One who is standing on the shores of Heaven waiting for our arrival, along with all of His angels.

This morning as I turned on my computer, my eyes attached to the Morning Meditation of Dr Adrian Rogers.  And this is what was there.

“Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth,  But I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of My Father, I have made known unto you” (John 15:15).

Dr. Rogers went on to say there are three reasons for being obedient:

A slave obeys because he has to.

An employee obeys because he needs to.

But a loving son obeys because he wants to.

Dr. Rogers, now long in the presence of his Lord speaks so rightly.  I was approached one day last week with the idea that I seem to gloss over the difficulties of life instead of being sympathetic.  No. No.  Not at all  I see all the difficulties before us: health for one. It staggers the mind. It hurts and breaks our heart but we are on our way Home. And however long it takes to get Home, we WILL make it not because of “who WE are”, but because of “who HE is”.  That is a stabilizing factor and being a Christian is very satisfying when the trying times of life come and rest at our front door, waiting for the doorbell of life to answer.  The Answerer is the Lord Jesus Christ and that makes everything bearable.  ALWAYS!!!!

My friend.  God – our loving heavenly Father is our only recourse.  He is all we have when the times get harder and harder and harder.  Without Him – – you have NOTHING!!!!

In His care all the way Home.


You never know what a day will bring~~~~

Today began….and it did not stop for a rest… gathered momentum as the day went along.

I did not know when I got up this morning that tonight I would have a place in Prescott chosen to live and all of the paperwork involved with a move, was in the production line.

My g’daughter, Tori and her husband live in Prescott.  Because I am down here and she is up there, she was chosen to be the one to be the liaison between Vince and me re the paperwork.  An application was in order.  But it seemed to go by the wayside.  Tori met with Vince and got further pictures for me and I gave her the permission to say “yes” to him if she felt I would like it. I had emailed a picture of Od and me as well as my September FICO report from the bank. Without my being there in person, these just might help to close the deal if there was to be one.

I was thrilled when I received it.  I received a rating of 812 which is EXCEPTIONAL!!!  Some have not known what FICO is.  It is something that is watched as scores total balances compared to total credit limits on revolving accounts.  The credit report shows relatively low use of my total available credit limit, which generally poses a lower risk to lenders. (They have my credit line set very high because in the past I went through it like water running off a duck’s back.  I have been able to keep that credit line in case I should need a very large amount again. My Score is compared to U.S average by age.  Clear as mud? Of course!!  

I pay cash for nothing.  I never carry money! I always use my credit card.  If the credit card is not used,  I don’t think the FICO works as it is supposed to.

At any rate the application went out the window when he met Tori and when he got the picture of Od and me and the FICO report.

So tonight, I have combed the pictures which she got and see what I need to get rid of – – what I need to get – – and what I need to wait on. I can hardly wait as two weeks from tomorrow we move……patience is still not one of my virtues, or hadn’t you noticed!!!

You may not hear much from me before the move takes place.  Much to be done.  Resignations are in. Those who need to know we are moving on, have been told and so tomorrow I will begin to ditch some things and hang on to others.  

Several appointments need to be made: my hair cut for the last time down here….Od needs a grooming appointment….a final checkup appointment with his Doctor.  Yes.  I decided I will keep him. That is just in case you were wondering!!!!!

I am sooooo excited.  Almost 11pm and I don’t want to go to bed.  But of course…..Od is fast asleep. Oh…for the joy of being old and wanting to go to bed early.  Maybe someday I will grow up and be like him. Ho hum.

Still peddling’ on and lovin’ every minute of it!!

Marge H.


Can any of you out there help me?

I want to obtain a free religious Christmas template to do a Christmas letter to send to my email readers this year. Can you direct me to some nice ones and also walk me through the process of downloading?

I have spent all evening trying to download and can’t get it accomplished.

Thanks. mh

My email is

I am troubled this evening…

Dear Reader…….many of you are not Christian. I am troubled this evening by that thought. Even worse, you do not care. You feel you are a good person. You still think you have many years to make changes to your life as, and IF, you should see the need.

My friend. You know nothing about your allotted time on the earth. You may not be able to have a last second ditch from hell as the thief on the cross did.

I have finished a 14 page Study on “The Truth About Satan – And How you Overcome Him.” It is one of Dr. Adrian Rogers’ online Studies and it shakes me to the bone!!!!!!

We are wimps when it comes to the Word and even worse, probably most have not memorized verses consistently EVER. God’s Word is our only recourse. I want to take you to Luke 16 and scan a few verses for you.

It is the story of the rich man (his name was not given in the Word) and Lazarus. C.C. Ryrie tells us that it illustrates two different lives, two different deaths and two different destinies.

Beginning with vs. 27, the rich man begs Father Abraham to go to his 5 brothers and warn them of the torment in the place where he is so that they will make changes in their pattern of living. Abraham said to him, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets, let them hear them’. But he insisted that ‘if someone would go from the dead they would repent’. But Abraham replied, ‘If they did not listen to Moses, and the Prophets, they will to be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.’

Satan is not someone we want to tangle with. He is powerful. He can lead and guide you to hell in beautiful, wonderful, satisfying and enriching ways. He can portray himself as an angel of light and once he has you in his clutches he can return to being who he is in real life: A deceiver, liar, murderer, accuser, tempter, destroyer, prince of the power of the air and the god of this world.

All coins have two sides. This one does too. God – Satan. Heaven – Hell. Living with the Lord – Lost with Satan. Headed to Eternal Life with the Lord – Headed to eternal damnation with Satan and all of his cohorts.

We have a choice. We can make that choice right now in our lives. We can overcome him. Not in a split second or an evening or a month or even a year. It is a lifetime of knowing and using the weapons against the devil.

Satan cannot stand the word “blood”. We need to remind him often that we have been bought with the blood of Jesus and nothing will make any change in that!!

Prayer is vital at all times – never should we take for granted one day, not even one hour that he might not be keeping a visual over us waiting for us to have a weak moment, or to be angry, or lonely, or tired. We are most vulnerable for his attack when we are in any of these modes.

We need to keep the Armor of God visible, working, polished and groomed in our lives. We cannot let up because Satan will never let up. If you don’t feel the pull of Satan that simply means he already has you in his grasp. But if he does not have you yet, he will keep on chipping away at you hoping for that one moment in time when he can shred you.

The Armor of God is found in Ephesians 6:10-18. Put on the Armor of God. Memorize the Word and use it in Satan’s face. Do you have things in your life that you did wrong but you can’t do any thing about? Acknowledge that sin to the Lord. Satan may bring it to your mind to remind you of how bad you have been and put doubts in your mind as to whether the Lord wants you now. The key is to acknowledge your sin to God. Repent. Accept what Christ did for you. Move on. When satan knocks on the door of your mind, ask Jesus to answer the door. Put it out of your mind. Go on about your life.

The Sword of the Spirit is the only “offensive” weapon. All the other pieces of the Armor are the “protective” weapons.

I am not a prophet or Moses, but I am bearing Good News and bad news and you have a choice. Eternal Life is free. Eternal Damnation is full of torment for all eternity. It’s up to you, which direction do you want to go!!!!!!!!! A GOOD PERSON DOES NOT GO TO HEAVEN. A SAVED PERSON GOES TO HEAVEN!

.blog-4In His Hands!  Marge H.


How I wish~~~~

~~~Do you ever think that? Do you ever SAY that? I have so many, many times in my life.

HOW I WISH I hadn’t said or done that! HOW I WISH I could go here or there. HOW I WISH I could do things that I want to do. HOW I WISH I could be different in my thinking, doing, causing.

Unfortunately, we all do this. Some people would say, “Well, Marge, you are finally on the right thinking track”. I say to them, “Perhaps what you have said or done put me on the track I’m on”. There is always the cause and effect and it snowballs once it gets started and only mature Christians can see it/realize it/put a stop to it, but as the old piece of music goes, it takes “Two to Tango”.

My patio needs to be cleaned up but I will wait until the month of October to do that. We still have storms in our schedule around here. But this morning Od and I sat out while I had my coffee and he laid on the glider getting a tummy rub.

The sunrise was beautiful today. It is so wonderful to know that only God could design the sunrise each morning for us to be blest with. Only God.

“Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name.” (Psa. 103:1)

I am turning my eyes to the high country. With the pros and cons of Tempe or the high country, there are more pros than cons up there. There is a Real Estate Company that does not deal in sales, they deal in renting/leasing only. Don’t know how they make a go of it but they apparently have the business or they wouldn’t be in it, and for me, it is wonderful. Also I do not have the back to make trips so everything has to be done by “show and tell”. But I know what I want and I know what I am after so the fun of anticipation begins.

What kind of pros would I have in a place where I lived only twice, once with a car and once without>>> Well. My Doctor on the mountain has told me I can get the medicine from him any time I need it for my back. Down here I have to “find” a doctor either out here in the west Valley or in the Tempe area as our family doctor is no longer practicing there.

The medical massage that I need is given on the mountain as well. The only thing that Tempe is a “pro” for is the fact that we lived there for 25 years and even with everything changing, I still know where things are and there is that very important Fare Card. It allows me to go any where for $6.00. My card is still active and believe it or not, I did not throw it away. Surprised????? Thought so!!!!!!

Well. These are interesting times and I am enjoying them to the hilt. Something to look forward to – something to enjoy – something to be challenged with.. okay….okay….enough!!

Speaking of Satan and my new study, I read this. Worth printing. “The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.”

Gotta go for now!