Good Evening…..been a while!

The move is over and it went very well.  The weather held and we are settled in and just this afternoon I found my phone and the computer was set up and ready to go once again.

I don’t have pictures yet – perhaps by the weekend.

I couldn’t sleep tonight and I was reviewing some memory verses.  I wondered if you had  ever spoke the words of the Lord’s Prayer in a personal way to make it stand out and alive to you?

I am not quite sure why it has been called the Lord’s Prayer.  He was not praying.  He was teaching the disciples “how” to pray.  He was “showing ” them “how” to pray.  But here it is in the personal form.

My Father which art in heaven.  Hallowed be Thy name.  Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give me this day my daily bread.  Forgive me my trespasses as I have forgiven those who have trespassed again me. Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil.  For Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever and ever.  Amen.”  (Matt. 6:9-13)

This “prayer” which Jesus taught them was followed in the next two verses by telling them, “If you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions”.

Jesus always taught them but He never pounded things into them.  It seemed that he would merely speak the answer to them and then go on to the next item of business on His heavenly agenda with them.

Until next time then.  Marge



Sweet experience ….

I have a K-cupper, and a single serve coffee maker and have not been satisfied with my coffee(s).  So I thought of going to Ebay and looking at vintage percolators.

I remembered one that early on in our marriage Loren purchased for me, because he knew I had been looking at it.  It was “different” from all the rest; i.e., not fat-bellied, huge handle, fat spout (should I go on?)

Well. First thing right off the bat, Ebay showed this one.  There were several just like it but I kept coming back to this one. Today, it arrived and I took it over to our new apartment because the coffee had already been transported there.  I washed it and made coffee and enjoyed to the hilt a moment in time – back in 1968 and the years following when we had so much company and the percolator was in use all the time.

Again- God gives us memories so that we can have roses in the December of our lives.  I have acres and acres of them.  I am so blest!!  I hope you are too.  And if you aren’t, that is alright too. I found out a long time ago that you cannot do anything about your past, but you can do something about your future.  Sometimes right away.  Sometimes you have to wait.  Sometimes you have the feeling that you have ruined everything but not so with God.  Everything is possible in His timing.

One time Mr. Churchill was the guest speaker at a Commencement service.  He got up and said six words………….”Never ever, ever, ever, give up.”……..Then he turned and sat down.

We live between two bookends; birth and death.  What we do between those two bookends is what we call “life”.  It is not all fun and games.  I think of Proverbs where we read, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old…………….” In those 15 words  is a lifetime: child/old.  But we are not told anything about the JUNK and the yucky stuff that is throw at us during those years.  That can be a real problem but at the same time, it is simply the “life” that we live between child and old….birth and death.

God sees our beginning and our ending all at the same time as well as the junk that we get involved in the in-between known as “life”.  We cannot do as we please  because we must answer for what we do.  We need to do our living according to His Word.  We have to come back not once in a while but daily/nightly going to the Lord in prayer and asking forgiveness for the sins of omission and commission that day.  We always need to stay prayed up. What is so important in His sight is the fact that somewhere in-between all of it we accept the Lord as Savior and so when the ending arrives we are “alright”.  Because through it all, though life threw nasty curve balls at us still when we fell, we got up again and again and again.

And so I say to you, “never ever, ever, ever, give up”.  In the end, you will be glad you didn’t.  Just be sure you have that one-way ticket Home.  God bless.



Once every 823 years it happens….

Let me enlighten you.  The month of December will have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays, and 5 Mondays in it this year.  Yip. Thought you would want to know that!!!!

I haven’t written for a while.  Many things happening, developing, enjoying, waiting for, and the consistency of pain remains through it all.

I have discovered that I have moved 14 times in 11 years.  Are you sure?  That many?  Yip.  QUITE SURE.  And every one had a deep meaning for me.  Enjoyed immensely the cottage – won’t ever forget it.  The porch.  The pines.  Every thing.  And the place we will move to on 5/13.  Today the carpet was laid – last week it was painted.  And except for cleaning, it is ready for the 13th.

It is especially “sweet” to me because it is the final place that I, myself, will have decided on in moving.  I am going to enjoy it to the hilt.  Changing some of my habits.  Going to stop going out so much.  Have a lovely church to serve in.  Going to stop going over for breakfast and bringing home lunch or dinner.  Instead, I will do my coffee early, an egg in the microwave (22seconds), and then the next couple of hours in the Word daily.  Then over for lunch sitting at a table for 6 at Hines.  At noon, the table “houses” 6 ladies and at night 6 guys sit there.  Funny.

I should have everything in place by Wednesday night at the latest and looking forward very much to change in a different way.

The next major thing for me is to find a place that I am comfortable with where Od can vacation while I have the knee replaced.  I know the Lord has the one and in His time the place will evolve.

All of my tests required for the surgery will be out of the way by Friday noon so onward we go.

My Domain is up for renewal in August.  Not sure about that.  Not interested as I once was in writing.  It had it’s place and it’s timing.

So much – so many things – have happened/developed/become a part of me or was something I have thrown aside during these past almost eleven years.  So much has happened to me/ in me/through me and yet I have come out of the mess/tsanami in one piece and a better person not because of it but in spite of it.

I go back daily to Isa. 46:4.  “I will take care of you all of your life.  Yes.  Even when your hair is white with age.  I made you.  I will take care of you. I will carry you along and be your Savior”.  He stuck it out with me.  He would you too, if you would give Him the opportunity.

Od will be 16 on 5/24.  Yes, he too, is aging.  After his walks both he and I lay down for a bit.  Why not.

We had a bit of rain today.  Nice.

Til next time, in the safety of His care.  Marge

Thank you….

…… are sweet!  Hey!  Of course I will put him on a plane all the way to Canada all by himself.  You are funny……and sweet….sort’ve..maybe!  I am not expecting anyone to respond except those who might have ideas that are right around me and there are only about 25 or 30 readers that would be in the know.  Thanks Canadians any way.  You are funny!!

As to the Pet hotel they are so expensive and I think he would go crazy there with all the yapping, etc.  He is a one on one and quiet.

I know one gal here walks some of the dogs on our campus at $25 a time. Then 2 times a day.  In a weeks time that is an enormous amount as he is on meds for the rest of his life as well.  And THAT would be only coming to the house walking him and leaving.

We shall see where we go in the next two weeks with this. I will have to know what I am doing soon.  If worse comes to worse, I may put off the surgery for a wee bit longer.  I just don’t know yet.

Anyway.  Thanks for your thoughts and “help”.

Thankful for you.  Marge

In need of some help…….

….maybe you know of some one.

I haven’t written for a while. Super busy. Super.  Super.  Now having said that my knee replacement is coming up in June.  I thought I had a place for Od to spend his “vacation”, but they are getting family company right at the time of the surgery week.

Another gal has offered to take him but it is $20/day, she has 3 dogs of her own and also cares for other dogs and has a volunteer work schedule.  Od will be 16 on 5/24. He is very docile.  Very loving.  Barks only when someone comes to the door in which he should do that.  He does not like other dogs except for ………………… Sarah.  neither one of them bark when they see each other they just make a beeline to be together for a minute.  Then….of course.  One sniff of both ends of each other and Sarah is on her way and he goes back to his doggie dreams.

Well. I do make light of it but Od is old now – he loves quietness.  He loves his tummy rubs.  He is on meds (codeine) twice a day.  I want to find a quiet loving home for him to visit while I get my knee taken care of. I just don’t want a dog-hotel because he will be wondering where I am at best and he will not have a restful time.

If you know of any one, please let me know and perhaps we can have another meet n greet time and this one might be just the right one for him.

Thanks for your help with ideas.   You can email me at  and please…… it very soon.


Nuggets ~~~ from John

Jesus feeds 5,000 men. This miracle is found in all the gospels.

BARLEY BREAD was the “cheap” food of the common people.  SMALL FISH was sardine size.

5,000 were fed with ONE BROWN BAG LUNCH.

Vss. 5,6  This was the test.

Vs. 6 !!! Jesus wanted to know WHERE.

Vs. 7 – Phillip answered with HOW MUCH.  Jesus and Philip: Two different levels. Philip had a slide rule mind.  He looked at the cash flow.  He saw the size of the problem but was blind to the size of God.

Vs. 8 – Andrew easily shot down with the prospect of the odds going against him.

Oh Lord, give to me a spiritual eye.  The True Bread was JESUS.

Those who followed Jesus with a wrong motive found He did not care for their company and was gone from them, but they knew not “how”.

If I attend worship with worldly motives, I can one day find out that Jesus is NOT there.

Vs. 29  The most God-like work – the greatest – the most acceptable is that we BELIEVE ~~~~  That I believe!!!

Faith – no one has it but those in whom God himself has placed it.  Faith is not something I get.  I already have it.

The world says:  show me and then I will believe.  God says:  Believe and then you will see.

I can have all the faith in the world, but until it is put into action, it is USELESS.  (Jas. 2:17)

FAITH and BELIEVING are two different things.

FAITH~~~~Know how to do something.  BELIEVING~~~~Actually doing it.

Lord!  Help Thou my unbelief!!!!

In His Hands. Marge H.


Nuggets ~~~~ from Luke.

Luke sets forth Jesus as the perfect Man.  Written to Greeks. Genealogy goes back to Adam instead of Abraham.  As a perfect Man, He is seen much in prayer and with angels ministering to Him.

Luke 8:4-15

Parable of the SOWER and the SOIL.  Jesus tells why, what and when.  He does NOT mention the HOW.  How is left up to us.  He deals in PRINCIPLES not METHODS.

Luke 20-25, 28

“The other disciples there were saying to him, we have seen the Lord!  But he said to them unless I shall see in His hands the imprint of the nails and put my finger into the place of the nails, and my hand into His side, I WILL NOT BELIEVE. (Luke 20:25)

Thomas answered and said to Him:  “MY LORD AND MY GOD”.  (Luke 20:29)

Question for you !!!!  WAS THOMAS A CHRISTIAN BY ASSOCIATION ONLY until vs. 28?  He can be very near me and yet I do not know Him.

It always puzzles me:  The disciples were always with Him – listened to Him – learned from Him – believed in Him.  YET!!!!  They seemed to not know,  believe, or understand.  HOW CAN THAT BE WHEN THEY COULD SEE HIM IN BODILY FORM!!!!

As I ponder this little section of Luke,  I can’t help but wonder how astronomical every detail of Jesus was to the disciples?  How difficult was it to really grasp what He was saying and teaching. All the miracles they had seen Him perform. The quietness in the tone of His voice had to also speak volumes to them. I can only imagine what the “feel” was when He would look any one of them in the eye and for a moment in time they were eye-to-eye with Him.  What would that have been like!!  Oh.  How I wish I could ask one of them what that had been like.

Believe – Faith.    Believe – Faith.   Believe – Faith.

In His Hands.  Marge H.

Have you noticed something in the Scripture though……The world wants to “see” first and then “believe”.  God wants us to “believe” first and then we will “see”.

The whole bit about the Word – – about Christianity in a nutshell is “believe” first.  In other words have faith that is so strong that you never doubt for one moment what is in the Word.  Faith when you cannot see daylight at the end of the trail but “faith it out” first.  That is quite a thought for us in 2019.  A lot to think about!!!!