When I came online early this morning my whole screen was different.  I started what I thought they wanted me to do in order to get to my Blog.  Then I began to realize that what I was doing was all together different than where I thought I was going. It may be I cannot post again.  Here is my phone number.  623-512-8683 and my address.  11315 W Peoria Avenue Apt. A-8, Youngstown, AZ 85363.  If you don’t hear from me again these will be the only way we can connect.  I hope not.  But we will see.  Just don’t expect any response to emails addressed to  because it might not happen.  It seems that that email address is not working at all.  If any one out there can help me, I would certainly appreciate it.

Canadians – – – wordage????

The picture that I wrote about a few posts back – I am sure Gertrude Adrian arranged for it.  At least, she set the table for it.  There is an inscription at the bottom of it.  That is what I need to know and find.  I have been on Amazon and Ebay. I just don’t have the right inscription.

It is something like “All things are ready”, but that doesn’t seem quite right either.  If any of you can think of that, please let me know so I can get a copy of it.  I don’t even care about a frame – I can do that from this end.  Help, please!!!!!!!!!

Marge H.

Ah, yes!! The ‘shades’ of the holiday season~~

Now………..when I answer the phone, I wonder who/what is on the other end and what question(s) are being asked.  Some I can answer.  Some I don’t want to answer.  Some are simply wishful thinking and some are…………………….

I love to hear from you who have been with me on the blog since day one. More civilized,  now I can assure you.  More sensible….more realistic for sure.

To begin with, this post is bascially for those who no longer have their spouse.  The loss of a brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, g’parent, and any one else that you can think of to add to this list is extremely painful.  It all runs parallel to the loss of the spouse.  IT IS NOT THE SAME LOSS.  Now.  Some of you want to disagree with me. That is fine.  You can do that, because I know you have your spouse as yet.  YOU..AIN’T..SEEN..ANYTHING..YET!!!!!!!!

The question this morning is, “how are you feeling now?”  “Are you back to normal?” “What can you share with us that can help us through this awful time in the year?”

How I wish I had the perfect answer for all.  How I wish we never had to try to find the answer(s) for all you are asking and all you have not asked for.  First of all there is not such a thing as “back to normal”.  There is no normal any more.

Truefully speaking, I can tell you nothing, ever again, EVER, can be what it once was or even a glimpse of what once was. It can NOT, will NOT, ever, EVER, be anything like the past. The hole that is in your heart wil always be there.  You can learn to tolerate.  That does not come over night and as yet for me, after eleven plus years, every thing is as real as it ever was but much of it is in a position of being tolerated more sacredly. Grasp that concept.  You will level out and be and do what you can do right now to get through the season.

How does the family respond to it?  They don’t.  With them it was over long ago and life has moved on EXACTLY as it was before.  Little do they know their “times” are coming and much more quickly than they will ever admit.

If you have a family who is scripturally “built” you are more fortunate than those who have a family who thinks only of themselves.  I do know this.  When we are “in control” of our actions and thought patterns we can control our sub-conscience mind.  But when we do not have to put on the wrestling garments and we have nowhere to go with our thought patterns, our sub-conscience will remain and become strong and where we thought we would get away with being and doing what “WE” were determining,  it will then be determined sub-consciencely and no one any where can force it into the background. Remembering what “should” have been done or “could” have done will remain very functional in your mind. The “backfiring” atmosphere will gather and not lift in time.

I do agree with my caller(s).  This is a rotten time of the year.  I fight it every year.  Nothing is ha-ha or he-he……nothing.  You my friend have to fight off everything that is rupturing your thinking and feelings right now.  Take it one “thot” or one “feel” at a time otherwise you will drown in the misery that is staked out at your mental residence.

This is not a very positive approach for me to take but it is a true approach and once you see this, dissect it to see where you are in this life pattern, then you can begin to do something about yourself, your thought pattern, your action plan,  your whole attitude change and as I say so often in my mentoring work, nothing happens over night.  NOTHING.  Hang in there.  I have changes coming in my own life that I have to deal with and I have to deal with it all alone physically and it is at this point that eyes need to turn upward and we need the Word of God, from the Bible and only the Bible to work out the problem straight ahead.  Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself because there is no need.  You have the greatest Doctor..the greatest Counselor..the greatest Friend..the greatest Comforter..the most Patient One to walk with you..the greatest Strength Giver..the greatest Question Answerer that you will ever find.  IT WILL NOT BE FOUND IN ANY PERSON ON THIS EARTH.  It is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone.  He is my Textbook and I find all my answers right there.  Every problem you have ever had or ever will have is right there in the Word, believe it or not.  IT IS THERE!!!!

Be encouraged.  The holiday season will find moments of tenderness and your heart will find moments touched by your Lord.  Give thanks at all times to Him for every “speck” of help that He gives.

One thought has lived with me for over eleven years now and here it is.

It is a new day…..a new way…..but the same love.

Marge H.

“I want them to rest. They stayed up all night waiting for Jesus to come.”

It’s that time of year. I miss it TERRIBLY!!!!  Our memory banks have a way of remembering and in some ways it helps us level out in the later years when all we have are the memories of what once was.

Every Sunday after the noon dinner we would have Family Counsel.  The “goods” and the “bads” of the week were re-hashed and the stormy waters, SOME TIMES, were quieted.  In October each member of the family would choose another family from the church to be our guests for what we called, “Little Christmas Eve” (LCE).  It was profitable to have as many children in our home for that evening as possible. What was LCE like?

It always arrived at our home the Friday evening before Christmas, unless that particular evening was Christmas Eve and then we would plan it for the Friday before.

Loren had the full Christmas Story memorized.  The lights were low.  Candles were everywhere. The coffee table was found to have nothing except straw and an empty manger visible.

At a certain time in the evening, I would take a box that had each representative of the Manger scene wrapped so no one knew just what piece(s) they had picked up.

We would go into the living room where all the parents were sitting and the children would sit on the floor around the coffee table, quiet as a bunch of mice!!!!

Loren began to tell the Christmas story.  Each child listened and as they heard the name of the person or the animal, they were to begin to build the Manger Scene.  When Loren finished telling the Christmas Story and the last piece had been placed on the table, we sang very quietly Silent Night, Holy Night. Loren prayed.

Yes.  I can still hear those evenings so long ago.  So fresh in my heart.  Dave and Jan would then take the children down stairs and host them at games and foods to their liking as we would host their parents upstairs with lovely Christmas foods and hot coffee.

It took the parents being there to actually believe what they had just witnessed.  A group of small children, usually numbering more than the number of adults present, and yet, so silently listening and waiting for their turn.

One year one little girl ended up with two sheep that she had laid down by the Manger.  I asked her why.  Her reply was,

I want them to rest.  They stayed up all night waiting for Jesus to come.

The wisdom of a child.  Do WE have it?  I wonder.  I will never forget the precious moments of those hours. I wonder – – – – – if my children remember even a hint of one time.  I wonder.

Heartstrings……stop tugging.  It is alright.  Jesus came.  Jesus is alive.  Jesus lives in my heart this morning.  How about you?

Humblingly at the manger ~~ seeing the shadow of a cross ~~ and a “someday to see” clouds in the heavens part as He comes for His own, never to be in pain, heart-broken, or without comfort EVER again.  The “wrongs” I have done………forgiven.  Home forever.  How about you?  Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are forgiven and Homeward bound?

Marge H.

Canadian Friends…..I need your help, please~~

I think ~~~~ that Gertrude Adrian set a table of which a picture was taken and was very popular.  Perhaps around the time of the Billy Graham Crusade in May of ’67.  It was a table very beautifully set and it was portraying the Feast of the Lamb. Do any of you remember it? Can you help me locate it?

We had it framed I know.  Fairly good sized.  I want to obtain another for my home here.  Can you tell me the name that was on it.  I cannot seem to put together enough description of it to pull it up on the computer.

I want to purchase it as soon as I can get it found again.  Thanks for your help.  Marge Humphrey

What do you think ~~~~

Do you often read a chapter – – – a verse – – – and glide right on over it, though from time to time you wonder – – – what do those words mean – – – and yet you have read them often in your lifetime – – – perhaps even have the verses or chapter memorized.  And yet ~~~~~~~~~~~~ you have never stopped to study them and to find out their meaning.

A word study can some times help us to understand a whole chapter better, particularly when some of the words don’t tell you what they speak of.

What thought have you ever given to Hebrews 11 and Hebrews 12?  Powerful, moving chapters.  Paul as he writes, brings into our vision the Olympics as he does in Philippians 3:14.  “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 11 has just given us a bird’s eye view of the “faithfuls” by name plus many others.  Then he begins chapter 12 and we find words that make our minds stop and think, what is the “encumbrance” and what is “the sin which so easily entangles us”.  It has to be something that is broad, and encompasses all of us – – more general in fact.  Not necessarily so!! Here are the first two verses of Chapter 12 of Hebrews.

“Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Talk about word power.  Paul has just given us two powerful verses.  Unbelievable!!  Let’s dissect and get treasure from them.

What is an encumbrance?  Would it be the same for each of us? Or could we  interpret it in a different way? 

An encumbrance becomes the things that can weigh us down heavily.  Affection, concern for ourselves, i.e, how we look or how we live. Concentrating on our appearance both in the home and outside to others.  As well, it can mean the love and care of our present life not putting too much weight on down the road.  It becomes dead weight and pulls at us and weakens our stance before the Lord.

The sin which so easily entangles us. The sin that has the greatest  advantage against us may be either the damning sin of unbelief or rather the darling sin that each of us carry with us – – an over fondness of our own place in time, in history, or the way we handle things in our lives, in our work place.  How do we look/act/appear to our peers. Or to handling conflicts within the family.  Oh. This is a good one.  Don’t ruffle feathers. Let’s keep the peace. No one wants trouble.  But with this attitude nothing ever can heal because that one person out there somewhere who could have done something, didn’t and can’t because the relationship with their Lord is not extensive enough to break through that road block.

We have a race set before us. Each one does. Patience and perseverance are needed at all times to confront head-on the external and internal hindrances. 

The Christians have a race set before them to run.  It is clearly marked out, with limits and directions and obedience.  Faith and patience will conquer, though they must be cultivated and kept up to date.  

We do have a goal:  “Looking onto Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith.” With our eyes fixed on the goal (Jesus Christ) He will endure contradiction and He is the finisher of grace. He is the judge and rewarder in the end.

Dear Reader, get out of your norm.  This verse does not sound too much like a mealy mouthed idea.  It seems to infer that we as Christian Soldiers must gather and together we will rise above and lead as we travel on the journey through this life on earth to our Heavenly Home which is straight ahead.Take a stance for Jesus Christ.  You will, one of these days, but then it won’t be of your own accord and what is forced upon you, you probably won’t like too much.  Be careful how you slide over verses and their words and leave them until “a more convenient time”.  It ain’t gonna happen.

“Jesus Christ. The same yesterday today and forever.”  He stands firm.  With the “encumberance” which is yours to bear and the “sin which so easily entangles you”, how is it going for you!!  Are you a wilting flower, here today gone tomorrow?  Or are you standing firm, with eyes fixed on Jesus Christ and the marching orders from Him are, “Forward MARCH”.

Til next time.

Marge H.

Okay, dear ones~~~~~

It’s Christmas time!  That’s right!!  You heard me correctly!!!!  Oh I know where some of you are.  I remember well how difficult it was for year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and right on.  But in time, things do get better.  I promise.

I remember the first Christmas after Loren left for Home.  I was working at my church and was to be a part of a committee.  I managed to remain in the meeting but when it was over I ‘ran’ to my office space and opened the door simply to find the staff having Christmas dainties and I brushed through them and got to my desk.  I remember my dear pastor’s wife coming and saying, “we love you”. My response??  I HATE Christmas – I HATE it.  She hugged me.  Later when I had run an errand and had come back to my desk, there was a candy bar.  The next morning, there was a red rose on my desk. Some one had a card in my desk drawer, too.  It was unsigned but stating, “we love you. We are praying for you.”  It was a card of encouragement.  No.  I never found out nor did I ask – –  who the givers were but I knew full well they loved me.  They knew I would make it through alright but….. I had a very l–o–n–g way to go and they also knew that too. I can’t tell you how many times it was that the church staff propped me up.  My God knew the need right then.

Some of you have lost your lover just recently – this is going to be an awful holiday season.  No getting around it.  Just remember do what you can, when you can, but ALWAYS – – – –  keep your eyes fixed on the Lord.  He is the only One who needs to have your total attention right now.

So.  That is my word of encouragement to you.  I just finished “baking” pinecones.  I plan to make a pinecone tree this year.  I did.  Many, many years ago.  I can do it again, now.

Here are some of the pictures of my start to the holiday season, ten years and six months after Loren left for Home.


11315 W. Peoria Ave., Apt. A-8, Youngtown, AZ 85363



DSCN0106.jpgOd is peeking around the chair. LR is a bit empty looking as we are waiting for a glider to be delivered next week.  My back situation is such that a chair such the one seen above is best for it.  A glider will give Od a place to lay by me while I study/read/write and THAT he will enjoy greatly!!!!!  He was in my lap and fell out the side of the above chair.  Wasn’t too happy with that.  Hims a sweetie!!!!

If you have never seen one before, this is called a “string curtain”.  Comes in all colors and makes a lovely room divider when you are in a small place.  I love it and it is so very elegant after dark with only a few lights on. Each panel is 36″ wide and 6′ long.  I am using 5 panels here.


Unknown.jpegHave a blessed season.  Whether you are a complete couple or alone, you can have a blessed season because of how the Lord has and will take care of you as you falter through the horrible feelings of being alone.  With your lover gone from your side now, focus your eyes on the One who promises you, “I will never ever forsake you nor leave you.”  Heb. 11:5

Yes.  I feel the tug at the heartstrings but the heartstrings are coated with my Lord’s Agape love.  THAT is the best “icing” of all time for all things.

God bless you.

In His constant care,  Marge H.