Hello There!!

Welcome to Moments with Marge.  I hope you will stop by for a latte and something sweet from time to time, and rest your weary bones a bit.

Od, my 15 year old Chihuahua, and I are enjoying our later years together.  I am working hard at getting my 83 year old body to communicate with my 73 year old mind.  They do not want to work together  and that has got to change SOON.

But life is very interesting.  You meet so many people from all walks of life, who like I am are in their late years of life and it is a time when you can look back and see where the Lord has never let go of your life, even though you have done wild, wooly, and some times awful things and yet He has been committed to seeing that you do not ruin your life.  For that I am so very grateful.  All things DO work together for good – – but not for everyone – – the Word says, “to those who love the Lord.” Then He specializes it further by saying, “to those who are called according to His purpose”.

I am grateful for where I’ve been, where I am today and where I know I will be for all of Eternity.  Stop by often.  Will love to sit on the porch swing and enjoy our latte together.


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