I am always so excited on Saturdays~~~~

So EXCITED – – – – – to be working with such a great Worship Leader, Bob McConnell.

So EXCITED – – – – – to be the one on that beautiful piano.  An upright. Yip.  You heard right. A Yamaha Upright and the bass makes your soul shiver.

So EXCITED – – – – – to be setting up my music on Saturday afternoon for Sunday morning.

We sing so much.  Call to Worship Hymn  All Hail King Jesus.

Response We Will Glorify.

Then do four hymns back to back.  Lamb of Glory.  Name of All Majesty. Glorious is Thy Name. His Name is Wonderful.

Doxology.  Invitation.  Closing Chorus: Family of God

And tucked in is the Offertory and the sermon.  Beautiful  God is good.

Then……….this next week I am expecting the Digital piano.  I will not be ready to start this Tuesday but hopefully I will be the next Tuesday.  With the piano not here for this week, I can go and set in on the devotional time and get acquainted with the way Bob handles it all.

Tuesdays are not like the Wednesday Chapel here.  It is for one of the Halls in the Nursing Home.  How much they understand and are blest by, I don’t know.  But it is definitely a ministry and THAT is all I am after.

I will be so glad to have the piano because then I can have the piano I want whenever I am asked to play any where.  Some of the ones around here are not exactly well-kept and it is because of “where” they have to stay.

A couple of you asked what the Sunday service was like in a Senior Citizen Church service.  There you have it.  Actually it isn’t much different from in most churches.  What makes a difference at times is whether there is a Praise Team or not and we would never have that in this style church.  But having been a Dir., Music Ministries for over a decade  I can see where the Praise Team is very important.  Everything has its place, and it pays to stay in “your” place and then there are no grips or complaints.  lol

Time to go and run through the music to see how it sounds.  I am feeling better.  But, still needing to rest.  Meds are down to the last two days of 13 EACH DAY. UGH.

Blessings on each of you right where you are!!



Hello Canada! Hello Omegans!!

Been thinking about you more today than I have in a long time. I worked with a group a couple of weeks ago who are young – – – the age you were once upon a time, and then also remembering precious visits of 2018. Knowing now, that soon we won’t be touching base as we have with the Blog going.  But I do hope to do a bit on FB, though it really isn’t my thing.  Too old.

Rae Larson called, looking for some information.  I have Martha Meisner’s bookmark from her 100th birthday (a couple of years ago) on the refrigerator.  At times Gail has her mother’s picture on FB with hers.  And Sharon wrote a most beautiful Christmas (actually in thinking of New Years Eve) letter and my mind flooded with all those memories.

New Years Eve was always a special time for the Omegans as was Graduation time when we all went on the Riverboat. Annnnd, Wayne created the “glass ball” for our dining time enjoyment.  I remember somehow the battery went out on it and he looked at me and said, “I suppose I am to go up there and fix it!”  Well!  Of course!!!!!!  How was that done Wayne??  I THINK you took a rotisserie motor and slowed it down and then attached it to a styrofoam “ball” and we covered it with glass ‘gems’. And as the light turned on, and it began to rotate, it looked just like the real thing  Thanks, Wayne.  Well done!!

I wish so much that I could get up one day and find myself going somewhere, (don’t know where) but when I opened a door, there you would be, together in that room for one last time.

Those were good times.  And all the times you spent in our home – – they were very good times too.  The Key Club was a treasure for Loren – he enjoyed that Wed. night hour so much and you did a lot of memory work – DIDN’T YOU!!!!  lol

I have many friends but they are friends that I have never seen nor expect to meet.  We met through the CrossBooks creating the Blog for me after I wrote the book.  I have a lot of others who have read the Blog just to be finding out what I am doing. Others have worked through Bible Studies with me.  All of these were a part of a Blog I never knew any thing about, nor expected in my wildest dreams to be a part of.  The Blog ends on Wednesday 1/23 and dismantled on 1/31.

But the most joy I had was in those other years in the beautiful, minus 30’s all winter cold, special country of Canada with a group of Canadian people who loved vinegar on french fries, called a napkin a serviette, a couch/divan a Chesterfield, put cream in their hot tea annnnnnnd~~ a restroom was called a washroom.

But above and beyond all of those fun things, the strength of the Lord in their lives was something you not only “watched” but could live out yourselves.  The Lord was alive and well in their lives – so was Satan – – but those dear ones were like Job  – not like his wife.  They would stand tall and dig in their heels to what they believed in and would not tremble at the site of misery but found strength day-to-day.

A couple of years ago, Ron Meisner went past 131 Kane and took a picture for me.  It hangs over my desk.  They haven’t even changed the house color.  What a memory.  Besides all of that I live in a Senior Complete Living Campus and what is the name!!!!!!  LIFESTREAM!!  Would you believe that – you six or seven people who worked so hard on musicals – our Sunday afternoons were spent in great ways. Oh yes….forgot!! A sack was called a bag.  I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God gives us memories so that we can have roses in the December of our lives.  I have thousands and thousands of acres of beautiful, beautiful roses.  Thank you Lord!!

I leave with you ONE of my very favorite scriptures.  It has seen me through a lot and those times are not finished for me, nor for you.  Life keeps on changing with every year, every day, every hour even that we live.  You have seen this verse before.  Here it is.

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.  

A promise from God to me – – to you – – to all those who have touched our lives in one way or another.  He is sufficient to meet every single need you have had, have now, or ever will have.

Omegans ~ ~ ~ “Thanks for the memory.  You will always be in my heart

In the Grip of His Hand and on His Road

Marge    (and Loren, too)

11315 W. Peoria Ave., Unit A-8

Youngtown, AZ 85363

email:  mrhlrh214@gmail.com

The Silent Generation….The Baby Boomers

Ah, yes.  I am a part of what is called the Silent Generation.  It seems that in 1951 Time magazine had an essay in which it dubbed the people of the age to be the Silent Generation because they were viewed more cautious than their parents. I haven’t figured that one out yet.  We were the ones who introduced the wiggles of the Elvis time among so much else. But today we number 28.32 million.

And then there are the Baby Boomers. There are 74.1 million of them and 10,000 are reaching retirement age every day.

A beautiful apartment building is going up with the BB’s in mind.  Each apartment will have a garage and a golf cart entry plus sooooooooooo many other things. Several unusual settings to spend evenings with their friends right there on campus.They are going to cost through the eye and the nose. The BB today is saving nothing, they are trying to match the Jones’.  Where will the money come from to live in high society. The middle name in today’s society is “pride.”  Until that is extinguished and the BB settles in to living as they can afford and stop trying to out-match the Jones’ the most difficult time of their lives will be before them.

I believe in every generation there is a lot of good.  In every generation there always will be the ones searching and striving with all of their being to make a difference in some one’s life and bring them to the Lord.  A life lived only for self is such a lost cause and does come to an end somewhere in time when admission has to come that we are not our own conquerors.  We are simply sinful, sinful people.  All of whom God designed, created and placed on the earth at a given time.  He knew  what we would need.  In His great mercy and agape love He gave us a way out – – His Son, Jesus. Without Him we are a goner. Every generation has the same problems, the same sins, the same way out.

One of our young people from our Wpg. days was at a hockey game not long ago and had a stroke.  Here on the campus is a man, I believe to be maybe in his 60’s, he walks with a rollator, but can only inch his feet along.  Another lady in her 50’s, was carrying groceries from the car, had a stroke before she got inside.  Whole right side paralyzed.

I am so grateful for those of the Silent Generation who plugged along and kept on keeping on, firm in their beliefs of their Lord and Savior and passed it on to their children.  I am grateful too for those of the BB generation who did get a firm grasp on the real core of living and had the vision to press on and make as many disciples for the Lord as they possibly could. Making a difference for their generation.  How important that was – – that is.

Friend, Silent Genernationer, or Baby Boomer at large – – no matter how far into the high maintenance world you have yourself caught, know you are so welcome with your Lord’s level.  In fact, He is so far above the high maintenance way of living today that there can never be any comparison.  He will never turn His back on you, With Him at the helm your life, pride will vanish – having to be something you really aren’t and never was. I have people around me who are extremely HIGH MAINTENANCE.  The balloon will pop some where, some time, in some way.  Be careful.  Know your limits.  Be prepared to give God every detail of your life.  Let Him live through you.  You will begin to be so satisfied with your life. He will make a difference in you and for you and with you.

I close with this. Will Graham (Billy Graham’s g’son), in his first book, REDEEMED, writes….”Whatever is going on in your life today please check your spiritual compass and ensure that you’re on the right path.  It may be a relationship that you know isn’t right. Maybe it’s an addiction, a sin, or a passion that’s become an idol, pulling you away from your Savior. Perhaps you’ve hurt someone, and it’s time to ask for forgiveness.  Regardless, point your compass to Jesus, follow His Word, and set heaven as your destination.  Once you have, to paraphrase Proverbs 3:6, “He shall direct your path.”

Yes, my Friend.  Wherever you are – whoever you are.  He is right there and He shall direct your path.  I know  I’ve been there.  Done that.  Now it is you turn.

In the compass of His Hand and His Heart.

Marge H.


Moments with Marge scheduled departure date

Since I want to allow everyone time to finish reading I plan to stop posting on Jan. 23rd.  That will give everyone time to get caught up on reading the posts before it is dismantled on the 31st.  Mark those calendars.

It was a very interesting holiday season, but~~~

~~~it might be better to leave out the words, “holiday season”, because the interesting/challenging part of it all had nothing to do with the “holiday”.

There is a time when we can change insurance policies each year. Then a deadline arrives.

Loren and I always had a secondary insurance with our Medicare and NEVER once had to pay out a dime. There were some years when between Medicare and our Supplemental well over $80,000 was paid out and we did not have to pay a dime except our premiums.

I have had two years in a row whereby I have not used all of my deductible and yet was paying out monthly $183.21 for the secondary.  I was talked in to getting an HMO. I was told it would be much easier/better for me. And besides, every body does it. HOG WASH.

I had cancelled my secondary and was ready to begin when I just felt terribly in the dark.  I knew I should never have done what I did. Asked the gal if I could cancel.  She said you have until tomorrow to get it done.  (I didn’t know I was at that time frame when I called her). I got it done.

Then I was two months without any payments to CSI.  But you do have the opportunity ONCE to ask to be reinstated without any questions, health or otherwise. CSI graciously reinstated me as of 12/31/18, I was drafted current.  All was/is well.

Butttttttttt………Not so fast.  Not only was CSI a factor but I also had Humana Drug Plan. My yearly plan with them was up 12/31/18. (It had to be cancelled before I got the HMO) I immediately got on the phone and ask to have the dis-enrollment request cancelled.  The gal “worked through the info” and said it was all taken care of. That was 12/19/18.  All was well.

Became ill this past week.  With each day, increasingly got worse.  Monday, 1/7/19,  called my Dr.’s office. All the Doctors and their Assistants were booked solid until late Wednesday afternoon.

It was time to go to Urgent Care. With an Inhaler and X-ray it was determined that I was on the brink of pneumonia.  Came away with four prescriptions and an inhaler. Went directly to fill them.  When ready to pay for them, I was told I had no prescription insurance.  $150.00 setting there ready to be rung up.  I told them I would worry about that later. I would pay for them now so I could get home.

I rested for a while at home and then decided if I could hold out physically a bit longer I should try to contact Humana and find out what happened.  After being dis-connected FOUR TIMES and having to begin again the FIFTH TIME, I was in tears but knew from what little I had learned from each attempted call, I better keep on keeping on.

The final time in tears I got a woman who decided that I needed help I guess.  We were on the phone together for almost an hour.  She said, “Hang on.  We are going to do this. I know it can be done.”  It was all there on her computer about my call and the gal who helped back on 12/19/18.  I was re-enrolled.  But it never got past her desk.  I was not re-enrolled.

THIS gal made note of one slender hope for me.  It was 1/7/19. All re-instatements had a deadline of 1/7/19.  Those not completed by that date were cancelled.  She said we have time do this………..barely.  I AM in fact, reinstated.

What does all of this lead to!! One thing.  I had prayed from the time I made the stupid mistake to go for an HMO until yesterday afternoon that ALL would be brought up to date and my foolishness would be behind me. It was up and down for so many, many days. I was not aware of any deadline date(s) except for the HMO choice deadline and even though I knew it but it had not struck home yet when I asked if I could cancel the plan I had chosen.

Only God.  Only God.     He is all I have and He does not let me continue too far without helping me.  I used to say that Loren would give me a lot of rope but he would not let me hang myself.  That statement is faaaaaar truer with the Lord when you belong to Him.  Here is proof.

“In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”.

There were two important dates: the deadline date in Dec. for exiting the HMO.  Then the deadline date in Jan. for re-instating Humana.  I believe firmly that He did direct my path into both of those.  Otherwise I would have waited until a time when I felt better.

Those twelve words in that part of a verse stand out hugely to me.  I believe the Lord helped me in “my ways” and I have done the right thing, even if a million other people do it differently.

In all His ways, I am stable, and only then.

Marge H.

Won’t be long now~~~~~

~~~~until the end of Moments with Marge.  Been a long journey hasn’t it?  Fun at times. Serious at times.  Times of wonder – how could I be so stupid.  (Don’t say it.) It all makes up the person and be it right or wrong, who is to say?

I am running across things that I should share because they have been asked for and I thought I had no more, namely for the moment, recipes.

I know people who have to make a Key Lime Pie from scratch and believe me, no one would ever know the difference.  Here is my recipe for either Lime, or Lemon Pie.

1 can Borden’s Milk, juice of two lemons or several limes.  Mix together and put into graham cracker crust.  Chill.  There you have it.

I have a quickie Fudge recipe.  It works too.

1 can Borden’s Milk, 11.5 oz. choc. chips, 1 c. walnuts.

Mix all and microwave until just melted.  (creamy)  Prepare an 8×8″ pan and pour mixture into pan and cool 3 hours.  Cut in squares.

Here is a favorite of my g’daughter’s.  You will like it too.

1/2 c. peanut butter, 1 pkg. butterscotch chips, 1/4 c. marg., 1 pkg. colored marshmallows, (miniature).

Melt chips, marg. and peanut butter.  Cool.  Add marshmellows until coated only. Pur into buttered 8x8sq. dish.  Let stand. Cut into squares.

A favorite of mine for a very long time.  Red Seedless Grapes, frozen.

Rinse good.  Remove from the stem. Dry with towel.  Lay on a cookie sheet that will fit in your freezer section.  Lay them side by side, not on top of each other. When frozen put in a baggie.

You can eat them frozen. We liked to take them from the freezer about 30 minutes before we sat down for dinner and then at dessert time they would be mushy and so very good.  We would enjoy them along with our dessert. (Or at half time of the Suns on TV, we would have a big dish of them)

A good first-aid to always have on hand is Tea Tree Oil.  Good for many, many uses.  Mosquito bites, Red Ant bites,  anything at all that itches.  Toe nail fungus, use two drops per toe nightly for just a few nights, and it will be gone.

I have several good things and ways to accomplish things in your home and with your health, but they are not for publishing publicly.  If you have something you would like to find out about, email me and I will email right back.  My email is mrhlrh214@gmail.com. You can always reach me there.  There are so many helps out there and things that I know/have/have developed, work 100% for me and I know they will for you. Never be afraid to ask.

Til next time (and those times are growing shorter by the day now)

Marge H.



First Sunday night of 2019……

Actually……..the first week of 2019 is over.  Can you believe it!  I have now spent over 50 years in the Music Ministry.  In the many many facets of it all. I will never forget.

Today was my first day as the Church Pianist at SGCC.  How good it felt.  No longer do I have to watch for the regular player to arrive, nor do I have to get off the bench for someone else.  It has been a long time coming.  But you know what!!!  I was not ready until now. My mind sometimes told me I was, but I really wasn’t.  It has been a very long, long time with so many happenings in my life.  More than I can remember.  In fact, I was talking with my G’daughter sometime back, about a patio chair and she made the comment I had already given them a set.  I remember nothing about it.

There will be four people responsible for getting me to church each month.  And so far, the drivers do not drive me crazy with the way they drive. THAT’S DIFFERENT!!  They all have cars that I am used to – at our age, you don’t go for new fangled ideas.  More solid,  full and easy on the back. They have four places where they go after church on Sundays.  All are little in the wall, out of the way places and the food is soooooooo good.

I have been ill the past three days. I was kinda just up and out of bed to go this morning and waiting eagerly to get back home to the item called the “bed”.  A bug got a hold of me and has done a real number on me.  The church all together remained and all helped to take down the Christmas decorations.  I did not stay – got home as soon as I could.

I am in the waiting mode right now for my digital piano to arrive, within the month for sure.  it is a Williams Legato III Keyboard.  Has the 88 keys.  I was able to hear it online and the piano sound is very much there.

For the New Year I leave one thought with you that I ran across a few weeks back and already in my life it has weaved almost every single day, if not in my life, in the life of those around me.  It attaches to every single thing we do, every single thing we decide on. Here it is.

You are free to make any choice you wish, but you are not free to choose the consequences of your choice.

I am making my choices in life in 2019 with a bit more thought to the choice.  I know the outcome can be disastrous  and in this old woman’s life, choice-making will be done more carefully.  How about you!!

See you next time.

Marge H.

Doesn’t he look comfy? This is how he sleeps.  Not a worry in the world. Ho hum!!