Moments with Marge

Want you to have this to “chew” on~~~

The Daily Devotional from Dr. Rogers came up this morning and I want you to have it before the computer is shut down for the week.


I love the Lord, because He hath heard my voice and my supplications. Because He hath inclined His ear unto me, therefore will I call upon Him as long as I live. Psalm 116:1-2


Here’s the recipe for a miracle:

Take a problem

Transfer it to Christ

It will be transformed by Christ.

The ingredient most of us keep missing is transferring the problem to Christ.


Have you given your all to Jesus Christ? This is not just rhetoric. Trying to get as serious and honest as we can within the confines of your daily calendar, the question is: Have you literally given everything to Jesus Christ? If not, do so today and you will begin to see God’s miracle-moving power transform your life.


This is so good.  My back is something I need to give over to the Lord and leave it there.  He will take care of it.


The problem with the above devotional thought is that it is fine to take the problem and hand it over but then once you do that, you have to LEAVE it where and to whom you gave it.

I am going to go ahead and do this one thing one more time because he will care for me.  That is not the idea behind this “thot”.

For instance I know FULL WELL what kind of a car or transportation I need to take to keep the back as it needs to be.  Thursday I took the LS bus to Od’s appointment because the car was not available.  I decided I can do it – I will be careful.  And I was.

Friday came and again I needed to take the bus because several people needed rides at 9am as I did to get to our appointment.  Well.  Thursday went alright so I would be careful on Friday and the same would happen. NOT SO.  The back gave way and the spasms have come to spend some time with me. It is 2am Sunday morning and I have the battery operated pillow to my back and a T-3 in my tummy.

Lesson to learn?  It is fine to take the problem area and hand it over but then you have to allow it to be worked out without  thinking you know it all and can do something one more time because that one more time can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The move is looming and we are currently on schedule and I hope to remain that way the rest of the way to 822.

Marge H.

For all my readers out there………

I will not be posting again until after Od and I are settled in next Tuesday.

A dear friend took me shopping this morning and we got a lot accomplished but even with a list, I forgot several things which needed to be with us when we get to Prescott.  Funny how you feel you have everything under control and all of a sudden you realize that you are FAR from having things as you wish them to be.

The laptop will be out of order until we have been set up with our new system so please don’t expect communications or replies to your questions for a bit.  The recipes for October will be posted but not until after the middle of the month.

My Christian friends, your prayers will be so welcomed.  The back is not holding well and I simply have to take it slow. I keep my eyes fixed on those changing colors and the beauty that will come when that first snowfall comes.  It makes it all worth the pain and the effort right now of getting up there.

I am so grateful for Sally as she comes down for Od and me Tuesday morning.  She is the owner of the cab company that was so wonderful when we were there last and I am looking forward to getting in that car and heading for the high country.

Tomorrow morning Od is in for his grooming and the following morning he sees his Doctor for the final time and we will be on our way with his meds that he will need when he arrives.

I do know that without preparation, I will never meet my destination.  So slowly — ever so slowly — I am working on it.  I am finding that as we age we can become wiser and more understanding but there is a word with ten letters to it:  DISCIPLINE.  It has never had a real solid place in my life.  In my desires, yes.  The price of excellence is discipline.  The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.  I have tried to make small disciplines repeat themselves in my life and with consistency every day, they can lead to achievements over time.  So it is~~~~onward I go.  Still learning at 84.  And I will still be learning whenever my number is called and my heavenly passport is handed over. My end will be better than my beginning – – – – – THAT is for sure!!!

Until next time, still in His magnificent grasp!

Marge H. (and Od, too)

It’s the Tuesday night before……..

….Ah yes!  The Tuesday night before the Tuesday morning that Od and I move. I am right on target though the house looks worse each day.  My dear movers will pack us and have us 75 miles from here by this time next week for sure.

I am going to miss my friends down here.  Made the dearest of friends this time around.  The Lord gave me one last umph in the line of music work.  Gave a concert. Have enjoyed working with the Minister of Worship at SGCC.  It is a very little church with a great deal of love and compassion and energy.  It’s reach will extend far in time.  Nothing good happens over night and when it does, it is usually here today and gone tomorrow.

I am looking forward so much to Prescott. Never thought I might live through snow again but it is a thought dear to my heart.  The year I lived there (3 years ago, would you believe!) taught me where things were and I am not going into the move cold turkey.

I shall always remember how I got my Dr. in Prescott.  I was quite ill one Friday evening. The weekend was upon me and I realized I did not have a family doctor and knew no where to go except to Urgent Care.  I waited the weekend out and early Monday morning called my favorite cab company for a ride to UC.  When “Boston” got there, he saw I was in trouble walking out to the cab, he quickly came to my rescue and got me in the cab.  After he got back in and backed down a ways he said to me, “I am not taking you to Urgent Care, I am taking you to my Doctor.”  When we got there, he took my arm and took me into the waiting room.  The gals at the counter seemed to already know him, kidded around with him, greeted him and he informed them that I was very sick and I needed to see his Doctor right away.  It was about 10 minutes later when a Dr. came out and took me back in to his office and he introduced himself to me and took my hand in both of his hands and said, “I will take good care of you”.  And so I met my new family Doctor, Dr. Askara.  I liked him so much and that was a hard thing to say because I was battling the reality of coming out of a patient/doctor relationship that had lasted over 30 years.  All Dr. Milam seemed to have to do was to look at us and he knew what was wrong at times.

So the Doctor is all taken care of as far as when that need might be.  It has been a hard thing to find the right kind of vehicle to travel to Prescott in.  I can assure you by the time I have reached Prescott, all of the Oxo-codeine will have been used.  But that is what I kept it for and I am being careful, realizing that I had 50 of them to work with and realizing also that I do not want to be addicted to them by the time I have only one left.

At any rate, Od and I will take the shuttle up to Prescott next Tuesday.  I called my favorite cab company as I know the owner and she will be the one coming down to get us so we will have our ride back to the high country and I will be as good as I can be in traveling.  My Doctor says I need to get out of the car every 30 minutes and walk around.  No time for that with the moving van hard on our tails.  I will have some things with me to work through the drive – – vibrating pillow – an extend back pillow and my oxo-codeine which will help more than any thing.  And he is allowing me to take two of them at a time that morning.  Ho hum.  With all the precautions I have and yet they tell me I am still not a candidate for surgery.  Well. This is not my back.  I use that term, but that is not what it is.  It is the lowest of the muscles under the shoulder blade section.  My therapist tells me there are 8 layers of muscle to get through in order to work on the area that is my problem.  And this is another thing, there is a therapist in Prescott who does the medical massage which helps GREATLY and keeps me level WHEN I do what I am told.

So.  For doctors and therapists they are there and I have been to them before.

We are not returning to the little cottage with a two-fold reason: it is not for rent and I did not want to have to work through that driveway another time because this time I want to stay.  So we have a little 400 sq. ft. house.  I was talking with the people caring for it today.  It has been brought in, and completely gutted and redone.  New double pane windows, flooring, roof,  kitchen, bath, etc.  I have not personally seen it except through pictures and the eyes of one of my g’daughters.

It is not on a mountainside – it is on flat land so I will have no problems getting where ever I want to go.  My favorite cab company knows we are returning and all is well.

After we get settled in I will give you a tour online of course.  But it may be a couple of weeks as I am waiting to get window coverings until I get there. I want to use the theme of pinecones and I have chosen some drapes but need to check out window sizes.

So.  Fun times, even with a back that is ornery……..and feet and knees that get tired easily…..and…..and…..and the rusty years have been activated.

Even with all the aches/pains still…….under His wing!  Marge H.

WOW! Not a happy report but not surprised either!!

There are five generations who are active today in America’s economy and work force.  This particular report was put out by the Center for Generational Kenetics.

Here they are.

1996 – Present      Gen Z, Gen, or Centennials

1977 – 1995            Millennials or Gen Y

1965 – 1976           Generation X

1946 – 1964            Baby Boomers

1945 and before   Traditionalists or the Silent Generation

You can see where you fit in. I have to tell you I am ashamed of being a part of the Traditionalists, having been born in 1935.  it was my generation that began to let go of the reigns of “family” living in many ways and as a result the Baby Boomer lifestyle began a downward decent of living above the fray and being firmly grounded in God’s Word and the habit of being excited about the Church life itself.

My generation saw so many changes and advances in technology.  It seemed to change with the speed of light.  Electric typewriters, dishwashers, computers, cell phones, televisions, charge cards.  (My generation didn’t even know what a charge card was when we were growing up, but then we took over and it all began.

Today they are being strangled from within by Satan and his cohorts.  The world and all it has to offer is gold and glitter and why be concerned with the thought of a hereafter when your herenow is so fulfilling!  Why not get all you want now and pay for it later.  Be sure that you keep up with the Jones even though you are flat broke. Moral standards are at an all time low.  Sex. Lust.  Satan’s work in the lives of people who should have a moral standard that excels not depletes the framework laid out for us in the Word.

We are still alive.  We need to make every effort to bring just one even – – just one back into the fold……back to the Word of God……back to a Bible being opened and read in the home……back to the husband and wife getting on their knees at night and praying together for their family.

Some times you can do all of that and still have none of it in your lives and in your family.  I know that first hand.  But we must continue on – where we cannot do anything physically, we must continue to lift up the family in prayer regardless of how we feel or whether we want to or not. It is our responsibility to pass on to the next generation the security that comes from a Bible based life.  Because when the frills of life are over and we become the “old people” and when we used to show off what we thought was great,  we will find ourselves quite alone and face to face with our Lord.

The legacy that we leave on this earth  will be represented when we face God and hear Him say……….hopefully……….”well done, thou good and faithful servant.”  Will we be the “wheat”?  Will we be the “tares”?  We are and we will always be either the wheat or the tares – the choice is up to us and we are still alive and can make THAT choice!!!!!

Here is a report from David Jeremiah and it is sad!!


Wish upon a star“““`but be careful

I remember some years back wishing that I could open a door and enter a room and upon entering it, there would be a group of people sitting there not saying a word, simply waiting for me to enter and see if I could put a name to each face. It would be a group of people that I had not seen in 41 years.

The Reunion at Grant Memorial Baptist Church has just been this past week and those Omegans have come out of the woodwork.  Some have been there all along, some I have wondered about for years what ever became of them, others we are just now finding a contact spot on that delightful object:  FB.

Of course they are not Sr. High Youth any more, in fact they aren’t even young people.  They are Homebuilders with children and g’children and…and…and     Where did those years go!! Butttttt, even though I cannot enter a room and see them all there, I am seeing some faces on FB and remembering special times in the Wpg. days.  And I hope to find others of them as the weeks and months go by.  When I think of my own daughter being 60, I realize they are 60 more or less as well.  The years have had no sympathy on us and yet precious memories come into view and I praise the Lord and thank Him for memories that I can keep forever.

How about you?  Are you making memories?  It’s not too late!  Please do. It is so precious.

In His Hands. Marge H.Blog

It’s Saturday morning……

…..The last one before the one before…  clear as mud… not for me… does any one have a way to skip the coming week and get the movers here SOONER???

Patience is NOT one of my virtues. I keep telling you this but all you do is smile and tell me that is my problem and that you are WELL aware of it.  lol

I am still learning how to do things.  I put together a 5 shelf “piece of furniture” yesterday and feel that I have accomplished a LOT. The biggies for preparing for a move have been done – it is up to the movers to do the rest.  This moving company is absolutely TOPS.  They have moved me several times and we feel like family.

I will always remember another moving company that had moved me “SEVERAL” times and on the last call for a move I gave them my name and they quickly replied, “I know Miss Marge. 40 boxes and 2 wardrobes.” And we laughed.

My body can’t take another move so it will force me to make this my last one that I am doing on my own.  It is definitely 10/20, i.e. 10 minutes working and 20 minutes sitting.  So grateful for the Codeine that I was able to get while having the knee replaced. Having saved it and kept it is paying off now.  Without it, the pain would be more than I want to think about.

Still working on getting myself and Od to the mountain.  I think I may have it all arranged now.  But, not for sure.  The Dr. is eyeing me twice re the move suggesting that I might not find it helpful to ride that far.  My wings have not been assigned to me so needless to say I am going to make it one way or another.  If all else fails, there is the shuttle and I will do it………………….and Od will too.  I understand he is considered a “person” when it comes to being a passenger.  lol

My g’daughter tells me the leaves are changing and Fall has arrived.  It will be beautiful in Prescott this time of year.  The first snowfall of the season.  So magical.  So quiet.  You feel like you could turn your head to speak to the person beside you and you find the person to be your Lord. So privileged for the opportunity to be in it once again.

Mother Teresa once said,

“We need to find God and He cannot be found in noise and restlessness.  God is found in silence.  See how nature: trees, flowers, grass, grows in silence;  see the stars, the moon and the sun and how they move in silence.  We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

She hit the nail on the head!

In His care…..

Marge H.   Blog

Stopping to chat for a bit~~

Every day gets closer to the move.  It is becoming a most exciting move. The Lord’s hand, seems to be more at work at every turn.

I had a glider in the LR.  Purpose was so Od could sit or lay while I study which is usually a couple of hours a day.  A chair is too tiring for him to sit/lay in a tight place.  When we sat down it broke  This is the third one that has broken on us. So I decided this time we would get a “chair and a half”.  Actually gliders are made for patio use where they really do not get wear and tear that furniture does inside the house.

I found exactly what I wanted Monday wondering all the while if we would have it  before the movers come on the 15th.  Wednesday night FedEx showed up on my screen telling me that it had been shipped and they would deliver it on Friday, 10/4, by early evening.  WHAT!!!!!!!  I just ordered it on Monday. It is due here tomorrow.  Talk about God’s hand in the day’s business.  It has been this way all week for me.

How great Thou art – O Lord – to me.

Od is sporting a new parka for the mountain.  Although today was almost a 3 digit temperature.  They say, we will have one last “gasp” at hot weather.  Bring it on!  Let’s get on with the snow!!!!


He will have his last grooming next week and his last doctor’s appointment with his Doctor down here.  Then we will meet the new one on the mountain and see where we go from there.

My coffee is finished and it is time for bed.

A good thought to end the day with.

“Humble people don’t think less of themselves;  they just think of themselves less.”

Next time, then.  Marge H.