Hello!  May you be blest as you are at a rest-stop in your day and find uplifting thoughts and encouragement as we seek to dig deeper into God’s Beautiful Women.

We are all on a “journey”, every moment of every day. The question is, how are we going to live each day.  Giving our best, being our best, using all the “utensils” that God has laid out for us to use in serving up meals of words of encouragement to those around us, and always, without fail, showing forth the love of our Heavenly Father who loved US so much that He gave freely His Son to die so that we might live.

“You will certainly carry out God’s purpose however you act, and it will make a difference to you whether you serve like Judas or like John.”

I don’t believe  C.S. Lewis ever made any truer statement than the quote which I just quoted.

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God’s Beautiful Women are going to dig deeper than they have ever before and then recognize who they are in Christ.  Then we will thank Him for what He has done for us and what He continues to do the rest of the way.  We ARE Homeward Bound!!

This Blog is for God’s women.  That means they have accepted Christ as their Savior and the Holy Spirit is living within.  Many reading my Blog through the years are not Christians. Perhaps you will stay with us and see exactly how much you are giving up for nothing in return except so-called unity and works.  It ain’t worth it.  We, together will pray for your change of heart which of course will happen only when the Holy Spirit comes to live within and that will happen when you give your heart to the One who died for you.  No one else ever died for you.  No one else has ever promised to return for you some day.  Think about it!

In the meantime we are going to explore the landscape of God’s green pastures of love, mercy, grace, peace and we will be remembering that when we confess our sins, God will take them and put them out in the middle of his deepest ocean and put a sign on top that reads:  ABSOLUTELY NO FISHING!!! (so said Corrie ten Boon)

Mega Blessings.  Marge H.