Can’t sleep tonite ~~~~

~~~~ Got up to read.  I love Spurgeon and how he thought and how he wrote.  The scripture which was the theme for the morning of 3/1 was found in The Song of Solomon 4:16.  It reads:

“Awake, O north wind, and come O south!  Blow upon my garden, that its spices may flow out”

“As long as it is never said, “The Lord was not in the wind” (1 Kings 19:11), we will not shudder from the most wintry blast.

“The spouse in our verse holy submitted to the correction sent by her Beloved.  She entreated Him for grace without stipulating how that grace should come.  So like us, she was so utterly weary of deadness and unholy calm that she sighed for any move of God which would compel her to action. Yet she also desired the warm south wind of comfort, the smile of divine love, and the joy of the Redeemer’s presence to arouse her out of listlessness.  She wants either, or both, to delight her Beloved as spices from her garden.

“She could not remain indifferent and neither can we.  What an encouraging thought that Jesus can find comfort in our poor feeble graces.  It seems too good to be true.  May we pursue trial, or even death, if it will cheer Immanuel’s heart.  Oh that our hearts were crushed to atoms if by such bruising our wonderful Lord Jesus could be glorified.  Unexercised grace is like sweet perfume slumbering in the cups of the flowers.

“The wisdom of the great Husbandman overrules diverse and opposite causes to produce the one desired result. It makes both affliction and consolation draw forth the grateful aromas of faith, love, patience, hope, surrender, joy, and other fair flowers of the garden. May we by sweet experience know what this means.”

THAT is the end of his morning devotional on March 1st.

How sweet are our taste buds when the heart glows with affirmation of the Lord’s presence within our soul. The “healing” that can come to the soul and the joy that can bubble freely when a soul is set free. No words to describe it.  How do you put an ocean in a teacup.  I’ve never figured it out. The “ocean” keeps on filling the cup but it never over flows – it simply remans “filled”.  Yip.  Only God can do that kind of work.  Lord!  Let it begin with me!

Still….under the shadow of His wing!

Marge H.

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