Come with me~~~~

~~~~on a journey of all time!!!  One that brings to life anew the flavor of One who has been here forever and before any eternity began.  Eternity —- has been/is —- eternity. There never was a beginning and will never be an ending.  But the God who “began” us had in mind for us the greatest of living that could ever be.

Come with me, ladies.  Get out of your own mundane pattern of Ladies Bible Study at home and touch and get a glimpse of newness from the oldest of stories….from the oldest of reality….from the oldest of God…….shaping man/woman into what He wants us to be.

It is all here for us in the Word.  For the asking….For the taking….for the enjoyment of realizing the chains of indifference and knowledge can be broken into a sparkling life style of living through the Word that was given to us over two thousand years ago but is today, the most current bit of life that we could have grasp.

There are lady “teachers” out there today with their many bible Study books with each chapter with questions to answer.  And so you answer them with “your” style answer be it right or wrong but it “feels” good to you.  No growth.  Just continuation of a lifestyle that is really dormant, useless and not much to it except we can say, “you are a good person”. And “WHAT” is that!!!!

Come alive, dear one!  It is just two months and a few days until Mothers Day.  Try this Study program with me just for those two months and see how it goes.  You will be amazed!!!!

Let me tell you a bit about Wycliffe Bible Translators.  They were founded in 1942.  My husband and I have been with them helping to plant missionaries in the areas that God so chose.  We did.  I still do.  (this looks misleading. I will explain.)  We helped via giving monthly for several missionaries who were on the field.  Some, it seems to be a miracle at the time.  For others, we were simply helping to plant missionaries on the field by giving money monthly to the work.  We were not going on to the mission field bodily, simply through funding.

One missionary couple, home on furlough, told of a pilot with JAARS landing a plane with emergency supplies safely on the runway.  Long story short!!  There was no runway there.  But there was that night.  EXCITING….EXCITING….. story of what did happen one of thousands of times on the missionary field when God’s Hand was the Pilot.

Join me at the Wycliffe Women of the Roundtable – Why Does Scripture Matter to You?    (Simply pull up the above underscored and begin with me.) Sign up.  Get your first devotional to download.

You will read some about the four ladies and then you will be invited to a magnificent Study which is entitled, “Lessons from Lesser Knowns”

Join me…..These two months… all I ask. You will be a changed woman ….IF….you will let happen.  I know I am going to be changed….I NEED to be changed……just like you.

These lessons are not long, do one a week.  You can still do other studies if you so wish.  This is simply a “shot in the arm” and it is perfect for you and for me.

Let the unique ‘Devotional and Dinner Party’ begin!!


Marge H.

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