Made the “turn” last night about 8:30pm

Monday, June 24th, I will be starting my fourth week since total knee replacement.  it has been a hard three weeks.  The 80’s is not a time to decide to have major surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. We do not function as well.  We do not have the strength any longer to throw off “bugs”, etc that are around us and we simply ain’t got what it takes to take all things as we used to.

These past week have been times of going for breakfast, home to bed, back for lunch, home to bed and continuing on with that, knowing, or at least hoping it would stop soon.

I did not expect it to do that last night but about 8:30 I got up and realized I was not feeling so dreary, so heavy loaded. What a comfort.  For the first time, I took my music notebook and looked through it realizing that during this “off” period from SGCC I had planned to clean out my music folder and give it a current look.  And I was able to begin that process last night.  Not wanting to overdo it too much, I thanked the Lord for his watch care over me and ask him for time to use the ability He has given to me a bit longer, nevertheless, not my will but His. THAT is what is always in fashion with me!

Today (Sunday) will be a day of further resting and letting the healing continue to take place. Stitches were out last week and all looks well. The nerve ends are still wild but that too, in time, will dull.

Thank You Lord for keep me.  Marge

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