Writing……is becoming different~~

With the Domain so near closing date, I will write for a bit more but, not any thing particularly outstanding in nature.

I find myself sitting down more now.  Nothing as it used to be. Thought I would go over  to the Lutheran Thrift Store this morning but transportation doesn’t have any time so I will stay home and it is just as well.

I remember when I used to say, “my 73 year old mind does not communicate well with my 83 year old body.  If they don’t begin to communicate soon, we will be in trouble, big time!!”  Well.  The mind is fast catching up with the 83 year old body that has now turned 84 and it does help to be more on the same wave link, sort’ve, maybe.

I am catching up more with the status of those around me here. One gal, had a stroke, and now is in a wheelchair and “drives” herself backwards down the street and sidewalk.  Others mosey along with their rollators and time seems to have etched in each a slower pace that be-fits each of us here on the campus.  I find myself now with my rollator all the time with the cane now a shade of the past…….ah, yes.  a shade of the past……once it was the car…then the cane…then the rollator…then…then…then. Making purchases are not what they once were.  And some of you can say GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to that I am sure. And to that I would reply, “you ain’t walked in my shoes…………YET!!”  There are thousands of things I never thought I would do either.  Granted.  Not all were worthy of the time or the money, but one thing for sure each step strong or faltering, led me to where I am right now and I am where I am supposed to be.  So perhaps you, some day will be there too.

The knee replacement has taken its toll too.  Not any thing that is horrible, just much different than the last one when I was 7 years younger. People ask me how I am. My mind goes immediately to others to whom the same question was just asked and their aches and pains fall out of their mouth.  It seems it is all they know.  And those who have asked really don’t want to hear what they have to say, and suggest that they are complaining as always,  So those “listening” toss the person’s difficulties off as complaining and compassion is not a part of the day because that kind of compassion requires maturity in order to understand and realize that when one drives off to work on a busy agenda the one left behind had been there once but now they are left standing in the fog of the exhaust and another day brings to memory another time when we were younger and did the same thing.

Time!  Oh, Time!!  Be Slow!!!

It was a day ago I was a child dreaming of being grown….

A noon ago, I was with children of my own….

An afternoon ago, they all grew up and now they are gone….

It is night now….11:59pm.  We are left alone with few that understand any thing of where we are.  Oh Time….W…..A….I…..T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Til next time.  Marge








































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