Elizabeth Elliot once wrote, “It is God to whom and with whom we travel and while He is the end of our journey He is also at every stopping place.”

Elizabeth Elliot was the wife of Jim Elliot.  They were one of five missionary couples ministering to the Auca Indians, a tribe living in the Ecuadorian jungle.  Due to a tragic misunderstanding all five of the men were speared to death.  The widows remained in Ecuador to continue the work of their husbands sharing the gospel with the very people who murdered their husbands.

Elizabeth further wrote, “The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of a Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of a woman.”

Loren made a difference in his world.  Not with every one.  But with those God placed him with. On the golf course it was readily noticeable that something about him was different. Through the years he witnessed with his life and with his heart. One became a pastor – several returned to serving their Lord in the church – others were introduced to the Lord and their lives changed.  All done – one person at a time. He had a tremendous patience and understanding that Christ could, did and truly would, always be living within and making a difference.

Loren always treated me with the goodness of being a Godly man.  One afternoon, as I was waiting for him to open the car door for me, a friend passing by said, “Hasn’t Marge figured out how to get out of the car yet?”  To which he answered, “Any one can get out by themselves but it takes a lady to wait”. Needless to say………there was no rebuttal.


It was because of “One Woman’s Journey into Widowhood” that this Blog was created.  Now, eleven years later, on the anniversary of Loren’s Home going, this will be known as the last posting of the Blog era.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing – – meeting many of you in a way whereby we would never meet physically and yet come to know each other so well. If I could leave one thought with you it would be to never give up.  Keep your eyes on the Lord and Him alone.  He is sufficient in every way and for every need you will ever have in your lifetime.

Remember too, God gave to each of us a free will.  We need to exercise it gingerly.   We are free to make any decision in life that we wish.  Any decision.  But we are not free to chose the consequences for that decision.  Think about that and be very careful.

Sometimes we make decisions and we don’t really care how the other person feels because we want what we want and we are going to get it! But along with that decision brings consequences from the other side and the snowball effect is put into place and things are changed and togetherness is lost for ever. BUT…. the day does come, some how, some way, at some time, when we least expect it, and the consequences erupt in the subconscience and there is no way – – EVER – – of removing them.

Remember also – – you can never be too bad or too good.  But you can be TOO LATE!!

Thank you Heavenly Father for a lifetime of sin forgiven through your Son, Jesus Christ, that makes the way Home possible.  Thank You for your love, mercy, grace and compassion that allowed our marriage to be what it was. I pray for those Lord who are trusting in some one or some thing other than your Son.  May their eyes be opened and the darkness removed from their souls.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen!


Nov. 2, 1909  June 20, 2008

God’s Servant


In the grasp of the Master’s care!

Marge Humphrey IMG_2224

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