33 Days have stopped by~~~~~~~~~~

During that time we moved, prepared for and had a total knee replacement, been to rehab and now home to “ice” the cake, so as to speak, ie, “final rehabing”.

This morning (6/12) I had breakfast with my LifeStream breakfast friends/family then seeing my patio had taken a beating while I was gone I decided to trim down the outside plants for the summer and “blow” the patio and area. It looked nice immediately.  Then, of course, my body knocked on the door and informed me that it had been through a lot and needed some attention”.  And so – the final stage of rehabing began.

For the next part of this journey, I met my RN, Louise….My PT, Brando and my OT, Michelle.  All three – – young, very nice and fun. The meds that have come to visit for this part of the trip are Celebrex and Percocet.  However Percocet decided to show it’s face in problems.  So difficult to even get when you have all the right paperwork. Having enough to see me at the finish line of the rehabing will probably be a challenge all the way.  But it WILL happen.

Louise will be overseeing my progress and she already has climbed on board and made things happen that would have been difficult for me to do alone.  There was a glitch in the meds and I was without any pain meds for several hours today.  She left for lunch and when she returned she had picked up the Celebrex from the pharmacy and arranged for the Percocet that was left from my rehab stay to be given to me.

B. and M. will be leading me in strengthening the knee area and preparing for this ole lady to get on top and begin to mingle once again with those whose eyes are fixed on Home.

I ran through a piece of music to see where the hands are at this point.  Sloppy.  Expected.  But by Sunday, they will be up to par and skipping over the keys with the greatest of ease and thankfulness.

A couple full of God’s love and desire to serve Him as long as they have life have come alongside me and when I have needs, they are right there for me every step of the way.  They were there when we needed transportation for getting Od over for his “vacation” stay.  They were there when getting meds for me. They are here when I need a car that I can get in and out of without too much pain. Some times I think I only have to “think” I have a need and they are right there.

The church family laid hands on me first for a strengthening that was not known to me personally before. Calls, cards, and visiting.  I originally planned to take all of June off but I sense everything needed to move on and be where God placed me, doing what He gave me to do. I am energized to make that  piano “ring” as did the church bells in so many little country churches so many years ago as the hour would approach to worship the One and Only Lord God. I have a beautiful, upbeat arrangement of “I’m so glad I’m a part of the Family of God.”  So be it!!!!

The time which flung open this chapter in my journey of life never in my wildest dreams gave any idea about the “how” or the “why” of all of the stops and starts that would be attached, nor how I would or could still be producing at a level worthy of the place I have been placed by the Lord. But it is not I.  It is the Lord.   It was….it is….it will be enough.  “O Lord, our Lord…. how excellent is Thy name in all the earth.”

I thought you might like to see how the knee area looks now that we are ready to begin the final go-around. This is the bandage that was placed over the incision in the OR.  It is 2″x10″. No staples.  No stitches.  Only glue and gauze underneath for human healing areas. You are looking at the original bandage. A PICO Pump is what you see attached.  It comes off Tuesday.




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