Me….to you!

Peter…..Whom do they say I am? Who do YOU say that I am……

The problem today with so many people is that they are on the band wagon for Christ one day and off the next.  How can this happen~question of the hour would be, were they ever converted in the first place.  Perhaps a Christian by association only.  But let the winds of trouble attack them and they are off somewhere looking for something that they can attach to or feel good with. And then the mockery of the Lord in their words would be that God has blest them with what they have now.
I would suggest that the conversion experience is in question.  Christ is always and forever associated with the faith issue.  All of the OT patriarchs were living under the banner of faith – they would not see physically, at that time what it was that they were believing .  But they had “FAITH” in the God of their lives and believed Him for their direction.
It took Noah over a hundred years to build the ark.  Can you just imagine how much taunting he received!!  Laugh as they might have.  They were NOT laughing last.  They had never seen rain before – there had only been a “mist” that God gave.  THEN….the rain came and came and came and came and they were knocking on every inch of that Ark asking, begging, pleading to be let in.
THAT is exactly the answer that the multitudes of those living today and all through the centuries when the last moment comes and the “wheat” and the “tares” are separated and there is no more time for decision making.  How about you?  Are you safe in His care? Or are you out there somewhere, doing your thing and the Bible is not even in your home?
Thou art the Christ of all………………………..or nothing!  Christ does not “need” help.  He did the creation in the beginning. Oh you say, God was the One.  Absolutely.  Annnnnnnnd, the Word says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God.”
Make your choice my friend and stand by it………………..and also be prepared for the final decision in your life.
In His complete holding!  Marge

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