Are you one of “them”…. Aborting a Baby is an American Freedom!!!!!!!!!!

How is it that just a few ignorant people who yell the loudest and can make the most disruption can destroy what we stand for?  Another group want some of the major stores to take down the flag.

I can tell you EXACTLY how it has come about.  About twelve to fifteen years ago I had asked family members to read and sign a petition for AFA.  It had to do with Target and their bathroom situation.  The reply was, they did not want to get involved – they just wanted to stay up on the news.

How ignorant can an intelligent person be?  Well.  It is the attitude of that one person who didn’t want to tarnish themselves by standing for what was right to do because they didn’t want to be “involved”.  HOGWASH!!  This is the kind of a person that has gotten our world around us like it is.  Don’t get involved.  Not necessary. And so the result is the stupid people can get their way and we are the ones who suffer from it.

The flag.  The Pledge.  The cross. Get it all down.  Out of the way.  Ban the Bible from all Veterans Displays. Oh and lets abort everything that we don’t like.  I read just this week that ABORTING A BABY IS AN AMERICAN FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE SUCH STUPIDNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And let’s be sure that the definition of illegal isn’t important! Let’s LIVE!!!!!!!!!!  Well.  I hope it will hit home the hardest somewhere along the way when the going gets tough.  Let’s give all peoples a touch of the ignorant actions  of the day and see how enjoyable that is.

Everything is getting out of hand.  Everyone everywhere has rights but responsibility is not a part of the game.  What happened to us?

Please friends!  There is still time.  Let us one by one join on the right side of things before it is too late and our democracy has dwindled to almost nothing.  Make a difference in your generation…….and mine.

Under His guidance.  Marge

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