Mini Tour….in progress. Enjoy!

The last thing was finished this afternoon.  A long week, indeed but so very worth it all.  Here it is.DSCN0132.jpgDSCN0133.jpg

DSCN0134.jpgDSCN0135.jpgDSCN0136.jpgDSCN0137.jpgDSCN0138.jpgThis is not the Wrigley property!!  But we love it.  Same size as the Efficiency but arranged differently.

This morning I went to the Lutheran Thrift Store and found the neatest table and chairs.  The table was waaaaay to large but the chairs were so perfect.  I asked if I could buy the whole set but take only two chairs as I did not need 4 chairs or the table.  They quickly agreed without even thinking.  The chair above in the kitchen is one of them.  Higher than most and just what I need to get up from a sitting position.

It is so like a home.  I was able to arrange things so differently than from A8.  I think Od is very happy to have first place with me again.  He has been spending time under the bed not too happy when I have been gone or simply too busy for him.  Every thing is done now and we can enjoy together for the next little while.

This weekend I am praying fervently for a good place for Od for him to vacation to while I am having the knee replaced.  Two weeks plus two days until surgery.  All is go so far.  I have not been told any of the tests they required need any looking into and since it was a week ago that they were taken I am quite sure all is well.

My surgeon told me, “of course, you know there are risks.”  I informed him, “my days were numbered before I was born.  I can not extend them even if I wanted to, and I do not want to.”  So he is on his own to do his best and I am sure he will.  I am taking the month of June off from my piano work and if I can return earlier I will but I am not going to push it.

Any time you are in the area, drop by the door will always be open to you.

Blessings to each.  Marge (and Od)

P.S. It is now time whereby I have to find a place for Od or cancel my surgery.  It is full speed ahead and much, much prayer.  He will be 16 on 5/26.  Sweet little guy.  But does not do well with other dogs and needs one on one care and love. And so hard to put him some where, where he has no idea why he is there, or where I am. It’s gotta happen this next week.  Just gotta!!




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