Sweet experience ….

I have a K-cupper, and a single serve coffee maker and have not been satisfied with my coffee(s).  So I thought of going to Ebay and looking at vintage percolators.

I remembered one that early on in our marriage Loren purchased for me, because he knew I had been looking at it.  It was “different” from all the rest; i.e., not fat-bellied, huge handle, fat spout (should I go on?)

Well. First thing right off the bat, Ebay showed this one.  There were several just like it but I kept coming back to this one. Today, it arrived and I took it over to our new apartment because the coffee had already been transported there.  I washed it and made coffee and enjoyed to the hilt a moment in time – back in 1968 and the years following when we had so much company and the percolator was in use all the time.

Again- God gives us memories so that we can have roses in the December of our lives.  I have acres and acres of them.  I am so blest!!  I hope you are too.  And if you aren’t, that is alright too. I found out a long time ago that you cannot do anything about your past, but you can do something about your future.  Sometimes right away.  Sometimes you have to wait.  Sometimes you have the feeling that you have ruined everything but not so with God.  Everything is possible in His timing.

One time Mr. Churchill was the guest speaker at a Commencement service.  He got up and said six words………….”Never ever, ever, ever, give up.”……..Then he turned and sat down.

We live between two bookends; birth and death.  What we do between those two bookends is what we call “life”.  It is not all fun and games.  I think of Proverbs where we read, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old…………….” In those 15 words  is a lifetime: child/old.  But we are not told anything about the JUNK and the yucky stuff that is throw at us during those years.  That can be a real problem but at the same time, it is simply the “life” that we live between child and old….birth and death.

God sees our beginning and our ending all at the same time as well as the junk that we get involved in the in-between known as “life”.  We cannot do as we please  because we must answer for what we do.  We need to do our living according to His Word.  We have to come back not once in a while but daily/nightly going to the Lord in prayer and asking forgiveness for the sins of omission and commission that day.  We always need to stay prayed up. What is so important in His sight is the fact that somewhere in-between all of it we accept the Lord as Savior and so when the ending arrives we are “alright”.  Because through it all, though life threw nasty curve balls at us still when we fell, we got up again and again and again.

And so I say to you, “never ever, ever, ever, give up”.  In the end, you will be glad you didn’t.  Just be sure you have that one-way ticket Home.  God bless.



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