Thank you….

…… are sweet!  Hey!  Of course I will put him on a plane all the way to Canada all by himself.  You are funny……and sweet….sort’ve..maybe!  I am not expecting anyone to respond except those who might have ideas that are right around me and there are only about 25 or 30 readers that would be in the know.  Thanks Canadians any way.  You are funny!!

As to the Pet hotel they are so expensive and I think he would go crazy there with all the yapping, etc.  He is a one on one and quiet.

I know one gal here walks some of the dogs on our campus at $25 a time. Then 2 times a day.  In a weeks time that is an enormous amount as he is on meds for the rest of his life as well.  And THAT would be only coming to the house walking him and leaving.

We shall see where we go in the next two weeks with this. I will have to know what I am doing soon.  If worse comes to worse, I may put off the surgery for a wee bit longer.  I just don’t know yet.

Anyway.  Thanks for your thoughts and “help”.

Thankful for you.  Marge

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