In need of some help…….

….maybe you know of some one.

I haven’t written for a while. Super busy. Super.  Super.  Now having said that my knee replacement is coming up in June.  I thought I had a place for Od to spend his “vacation”, but they are getting family company right at the time of the surgery week.

Another gal has offered to take him but it is $20/day, she has 3 dogs of her own and also cares for other dogs and has a volunteer work schedule.  Od will be 16 on 5/24. He is very docile.  Very loving.  Barks only when someone comes to the door in which he should do that.  He does not like other dogs except for ………………… Sarah.  neither one of them bark when they see each other they just make a beeline to be together for a minute.  Then….of course.  One sniff of both ends of each other and Sarah is on her way and he goes back to his doggie dreams.

Well. I do make light of it but Od is old now – he loves quietness.  He loves his tummy rubs.  He is on meds (codeine) twice a day.  I want to find a quiet loving home for him to visit while I get my knee taken care of. I just don’t want a dog-hotel because he will be wondering where I am at best and he will not have a restful time.

If you know of any one, please let me know and perhaps we can have another meet n greet time and this one might be just the right one for him.

Thanks for your help with ideas.   You can email me at  and please…… it very soon.


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