Nuggets ~~~ from John

Jesus feeds 5,000 men. This miracle is found in all the gospels.

BARLEY BREAD was the “cheap” food of the common people.  SMALL FISH was sardine size.

5,000 were fed with ONE BROWN BAG LUNCH.

Vss. 5,6  This was the test.

Vs. 6 !!! Jesus wanted to know WHERE.

Vs. 7 – Phillip answered with HOW MUCH.  Jesus and Philip: Two different levels. Philip had a slide rule mind.  He looked at the cash flow.  He saw the size of the problem but was blind to the size of God.

Vs. 8 – Andrew easily shot down with the prospect of the odds going against him.

Oh Lord, give to me a spiritual eye.  The True Bread was JESUS.

Those who followed Jesus with a wrong motive found He did not care for their company and was gone from them, but they knew not “how”.

If I attend worship with worldly motives, I can one day find out that Jesus is NOT there.

Vs. 29  The most God-like work – the greatest – the most acceptable is that we BELIEVE ~~~~  That I believe!!!

Faith – no one has it but those in whom God himself has placed it.  Faith is not something I get.  I already have it.

The world says:  show me and then I will believe.  God says:  Believe and then you will see.

I can have all the faith in the world, but until it is put into action, it is USELESS.  (Jas. 2:17)

FAITH and BELIEVING are two different things.

FAITH~~~~Know how to do something.  BELIEVING~~~~Actually doing it.

Lord!  Help Thou my unbelief!!!!

In His Hands. Marge H.


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