Nuggets ~~~~ from Luke.

Luke sets forth Jesus as the perfect Man.  Written to Greeks. Genealogy goes back to Adam instead of Abraham.  As a perfect Man, He is seen much in prayer and with angels ministering to Him.

Luke 8:4-15

Parable of the SOWER and the SOIL.  Jesus tells why, what and when.  He does NOT mention the HOW.  How is left up to us.  He deals in PRINCIPLES not METHODS.

Luke 20-25, 28

“The other disciples there were saying to him, we have seen the Lord!  But he said to them unless I shall see in His hands the imprint of the nails and put my finger into the place of the nails, and my hand into His side, I WILL NOT BELIEVE. (Luke 20:25)

Thomas answered and said to Him:  “MY LORD AND MY GOD”.  (Luke 20:29)

Question for you !!!!  WAS THOMAS A CHRISTIAN BY ASSOCIATION ONLY until vs. 28?  He can be very near me and yet I do not know Him.

It always puzzles me:  The disciples were always with Him – listened to Him – learned from Him – believed in Him.  YET!!!!  They seemed to not know,  believe, or understand.  HOW CAN THAT BE WHEN THEY COULD SEE HIM IN BODILY FORM!!!!

As I ponder this little section of Luke,  I can’t help but wonder how astronomical every detail of Jesus was to the disciples?  How difficult was it to really grasp what He was saying and teaching. All the miracles they had seen Him perform. The quietness in the tone of His voice had to also speak volumes to them. I can only imagine what the “feel” was when He would look any one of them in the eye and for a moment in time they were eye-to-eye with Him.  What would that have been like!!  Oh.  How I wish I could ask one of them what that had been like.

Believe – Faith.    Believe – Faith.   Believe – Faith.

In His Hands.  Marge H.

Have you noticed something in the Scripture though……The world wants to “see” first and then “believe”.  God wants us to “believe” first and then we will “see”.

The whole bit about the Word – – about Christianity in a nutshell is “believe” first.  In other words have faith that is so strong that you never doubt for one moment what is in the Word.  Faith when you cannot see daylight at the end of the trail but “faith it out” first.  That is quite a thought for us in 2019.  A lot to think about!!!!

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