A couple of weeks ago I was asked,  “why do you continually continue on your binge of the God-thing when you know others are not going to take your word for it”.

It’s easy.  In the first place, who am I to know that they “won’t”. The sub-consicence  cannot be controlled as we might “think”.  And in due time, IF a person is to be a part of God’s family, They WILL – – – even if it is in the last moment of their dying breathes, they will say “yes”.

That is all that is important.  Eternity is a long time to have been stupid in dealing with it.  Remember the thief on the cross?  NOTHING did he do right – – no choir – no walking the aisle – no tears – no bible studies – no anything that suits life as pre-Christian days but he made it in by the skin of his teeth.  It was a last-second affair – out of fear probably – but nonetheless it happened.

I saw this on my Facebook this morning and it is TRUE!!!!!!

No photo description available.
Til next time then  Marge H.

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