Well, I never know what a day will hold for me………….

I knew that Betty was not well – was taken to the hospital a few days back but her brain is bleeding and other complications, so her Studio Apartment is being emptied out.  When I found out this was beginning to take place i went to the office to see if anyone was in line for it and no one was so I made all the necessary payment and the wheels are turning.

Those of you who know the area, you know where the mailboxes are. The Studio is as far west of the mailboxes and I am presently east of the mailboxes.  Works out beautifully.

Now to make it all pull together.  The movers scheduled, the move it self and the knee replacement.  All three need to be done almost at the same time.

This takes care of all of the rough places of living here in the A building. It affords me the privilege of staying put until some thing happens to me and then I will go to Assisted Living somewhere else.

You can go ahead and change the address now, while you have it on the screen.  The whole address itself remains the same, but the Unit will be G8. That is the only change.

It is quite interesting to me to see how major changes can come go quickly and I can move ahead without a hiccup.  Hope it will continue that way for the next little while.

Til next time and who knows WHAT!!!!  Marge H.

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