Every thing is ….. “go”…..

Just got the move scheduled for 5/13, first thing in the morning.  Now when I see the surgeon on 4/16, I can have the surgery scheduled for some time after 5/17.  I will certainly be settled in our new place by then and can prepare for surgery and recouping.  Od is having a “meet n greet” this week with the human who is having him over for ten days in May.  So that will be fun.  He will be staying here on campus for which I am so grateful.

Goodness Gracious.  What will be on the agenda for the last half of May!!  A lot can happen to this ole lady.

I have started an online course with DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary)  A course on Hebrews.  It is a heavy Book but one that I need to have to deepen my knowledge, experience and beliefs with.  THAT will go in my “free” time and then for my “spare” time I plan to go to “Mickies” for one senior coffee with one cream.  lol

I must say I can hardly wait to have a patio again in which to sit and enjoy coffee and the Word and watch the humming birds that are all around us here.  Fun times for an ole lady!!

In His grasp~ Marge

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