Felt led to make some changes…..

Today, after church this morning and lunch with friends from church, I decided it was time to turn to some “living” “soldiers of the Cross” for my final weeks/months/years, as the Lord so chooses for me to open the Bible and study and receive from the Holy Spirit in-depth eye-opening of the Word.

Dr. David Jeremiah is one of the gems that God has on the earth for this time in history. His “Turning Points”  radio and TV programs reach millions each week.  He was born 2/13/41.  He is pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist which is now called Shadow Mountain Community Church.  It is one of the largest churches in San Diego County and is also the home of the Christian Unified Schools.  Turning Points 30 min. radio program is heard on more than 2,200 stations worldwide.

In recognition of Dr. Jeremiah’s commitment to teaching the Word he has received many awards, among them, one from the Western Chapter of National Religious Broadcasters for Excellence in Broadcasting and Faithful in Service..  He also received the Best Bible Teaching Program award.

I have ordered his Study Bible (NIV) to have a fresh view and to learn a more in-depth study of the Word.  (I have purchased it as a gift to myself for my birthday.)

Some people never want to make a new start – they like their old Bible with all their notes in it.  At some point, it becomes stale and they keep prodding along in the same old way, the same old fashion with the security of their “oldness” without the newness and brilliance of nose-diving into the wonderful world of God’s Word to them.

As I sat tonight thinking of my husband and his study habits, I remember them being “quiet” times but very fruitful for him. He was a consistent believer.  A consistent studier of the Word.  The leader of the household who would pray and lead gently, quietly and purposefully.  I also thought back to his folks.  He would often, to guests we would have over for an evening,  tell of his mother being a Methodist and his dad a Baptist and so his dad compromised and they went to the Methodist church. That would always bring laughter.  But then he would follow it by telling that when he and his brother were baptized, they were baptized at the Baptist Church. That spoke volumes to me as to where his dad stood with his Bible beliefs.

His beliefs had nothing to do with a church – – a denomination.  It had to do with “what” the Bible says.  And here again, we can look to Jesus for the answer. John the Baptist spoke of not being worthy of untying His sandals, let alone baptize Him and yet Jesus told him that he must do what was needful.

I would love to have been a fly on the screen when that happened.  How did his mom feel when that “was the way” it would happen.  How did he make his point clear in a gentle way that it would be “that way”.

Billy Graham was a So. Baptist.  His wife was a Presbyterian.  Whenever he was home, he would always go to her church and support her.

A lot of writers in the years past, that I was interested in, were Presbyterians.  Some times people feel that Baptist think their way is the only way.  That is an ignorant response from people who do not understand or know very much.  It is rather, “what do you believe in?  The Bible?  Or some ridiculous “second” book that your church or cult believes will put you over the top and you will be closer to a god that you believe is the right one.

All cults believe in a jesus.  All cults believe in a god. The problem is the Jesus they believe in is not the Biblical Jesus.  The god they believe in is not the Biblical God.  But satan has their eyes and hearts blinded. Only a few will dodge the bullet and get on the side of the Kingdom.

The rest of the way of my writings will be geared to my Christian family of readers.  If you are in any thing that includes anything except the Bible, don’t waste your time with reading my blog.  It is not written for or to you.  With other beliefs you can not absorb and let it use-your-life for the betterment of yourself or those closest to you.  It is like trying to speak a foreign language when you have no idea how to use the words properly let alone have full meaning of what you are saying.

For my Christian readers, I am going to attach an article from Dr. Jeremiah that you will find very helpful.  It may very well be a launch-pad for you to move from the mundane to the spectacular in your study time.  The Holy Spirit is alive and well and waiting for the match to be struck!!  And the ship-wreck of your life will quickly change for the better.

(I can’t seem to download it to my blog.)  Here is the info. You can download it yourself for later reading and studying.

Go to davidjeremiah.blog   Then scroll down about 25 articles and you will come to How to Study the Bible.  Download it and you will have your launchpad for a new beginning.

Mega blessings.  Marge



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