69 pages and 3,285 later…….

What a wonderful evening of reminiscing…….and hunting……….and not finding what I want.  Oh!  I forgot!  I am looking for a chic lamp shade. 9″x10″.

Today I decided I wanted to get some lamps so I went to the Lutheran Thrift Shop.  They are known as being not only the largest but the best well-kept Thrift Store in Arizona.

They probably have at any given time approx. 40 divans.  All used.  Beautiful. And if I didn’t know I would think they were new because there is not a spot, a tear, or a fade on any thing.

So I purchased two lamps and one table.  Half price today.  I also started a collection. I used to have so many:  tree toppers, little bottles no taller than 2″ each, mini pitcher collection, shoe collection (Just the Right Foot) and enough spoons to fill two spoon boards. One was the design of the State of Arizona and the other was for a collection of Christmas Spoons only.  Now they are all given away to those I wanted to have them.

Oh yes!  The collection I started is one of the Manger.  I purchased several at the LTS.  They have a huge area that remains current and filled all year of Holiday things. All Christmas!!!!.

One lamp has a crippled shade on it. They were willing to change it, but I liked it.  Sooooooooooooooo.  Tonight I sat down with my laptop and have gone through 69 pages on the screen and some 3,285 shades. Reminiscing all the time.  Some were there from my childhood, others from my homes (Tempe, Winnipeg, Tempe again and Pinetop.

There are so many sites to look through – I have gone through  ONLY one site.  Another time.  So refreshing ~~remembering ~~seeing the prices…………. N..O..W!!!!!

This is one of the many good things about growing old.  The bad begins to fade from life and what you remember becomes brighter and precious…….even old lamp shades.  You ought to try it some time when you get old.

I have a plaque by the front day.  It reads,  “Cherish Today.”

Thank You, Lord, for giving us memories so that we have roses in the December of our life.  It is very late in my December.

Cherishing memories tonight.


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