You have your way of thinking and I have mine……..

Do you ever have any one say this to you or maybe worse – – – you say it yourself???  But it is true though.  You do have you way of thinking and I have mine and we are free to do that because……………God gave us our free will………….but Satan, who is NOT dumb, knew that he could crack open those two words so easily………”free will”.  And he has done it to millions of people.

I do understand your way of thinking out there.  My husband, as I have said many, many times always spoke to me about belief in the Bible.  “Darling, you have to believe the Bible to believe what we believe.”  So true.

For you too, you have to believe the religion or the cult that you are mixed up in to believe what you do.

I have a friend who just today spoke to me about New Age.  She is so comfortable, so at peace (she says).

It is so amazing how intelligent people can get so wrapped up in a life that leads to destruction.  But I too, after all these years without my husband seem to be understanding the other people more now.  They are a part of the world system.  Yes, sweet, sweet people but not in the family of God as the Bible teaches.  After a long hard time I have learned that Satan has his family – he “lovingly” leads them astray giving them the “peace” and “quietness” of their spirit while they are here on the earth.

God’s way involves living by faith when you can see no way ahead of you. It involves living through divorces, serious health problems, lives changed forever because of some area or thing that has them marked now for life. I have a friend who lived through two divorces and I believe she turned to a cult because she needed something that she had not found in the life of a “Christian”.  And having said that, if she had been a Christian in the first place, she would not have lost it because a Christian, once a Christian, will always stand firm when hard times come.  It is a time of life when hardships bring you to the hem of His gown. It is a time of life when you reach further than you have ever “reached” before and you find Him faithful.

Christians – out there – remain faithful to your beliefs found only in the Bible.  When you are directed to an “additional” help, you are not only on thin ice but it is cracking all around you. Christians do not check their Christianity at the door, when the going gets tough they dig in to the truths of the Lord found only in God’s Word.

May God give to us as Christians when life is crumbling all around us the depth in our souls to find Him faithful as He carries us when we can not walk through our crisis time.

A missionary family – – 8 children – – on the mission field, husband was shot and killed – she and the children returned to the states only for her to find she has severe liver problems.  Her faith has not faltered.  It became written in stone for her. God does not remove problems – He promises to be with us, walk with us, carry us when necessary and remain faithful.

“I will take care of you all of your life.  Yes.  Even when your hair is white with age.  I made you.  I will take care of you. I will carry you along and be your Savior”.

If you think you “need” something more than the God of all Creation and life and the heavens and all that has been made, can supply, you are in the clutches of Satan and Life Eternal as the Christian believes in is no where for you to ever grasp on to.

Have mercy on us O God !!!!!!

Marge H.

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