A Night to Remember……..

Sunday night.  The concert.  Long anticipated for me.  Heavy on my mind. Wondering how the hands would hold up.  A few hiccups. Recovered.  Moved on.  Finished with the feeling of accomplishment.

I am so grateful.  So thankful.  My goal (at 83) was to do the best I could and learn from it all.  I had a goal and through all of the practices and questions as to whether my hands would hold up that long seem to be answered in a positive way.

I had prayed to my Lord and asked for strength and the mentality to make it happen.  The goal verse for me was, “Trust in the Lord with all of my heart and lean not onto my own understanding.  In all my ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct my path.”

He cannot lie so it was up to me to “trust…lean…acknowledge”  It was up to Him to keep His promise:  “And He shall”.  I did trust – lean – acknowledge and He did “shall”.  thank you Lord.

This little church is amazing.  The pastor and the members – so loving – so genuine – so excited about what the Lord will do with Shepherd’s Gate.  I am so humbled and so thrilled to be a part of them.  I have been there for only 3 months – seems like forever though. I would not want to be any other place. It is “home”.

The biggest outcome of the evening was the faithfulness of my Lord and the extent that I released all of the cares and pressures of working out the music to Him and didn’t pick them up again.  Dear friend,  He is so faithful in every avenue of our lives.  It is the learning of “how” to take our loads and hand them over to Him that is the secret.  What ever load you are now carrying, know it can all be released from your shoulders when you are willing to give it to the One who knows you best.

Safely under the shadow of His wing.

Marge H.

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