Well, “Hello” to you, too.

Hi MK.  Good to hear from you.  Yes, you and I have spoken at other times about the very issues that I mentioned in my previous post.  I do not see a whole lot of advantage to my going over a lot because we have been over it, under it, beside it and any other way you can think of and still, it takes the one step from where you are into where you should be and when you decide to do that, be that and respond as you should then you will have made a home run.

Satan gives you the best ALWAYS……first.  He makes a way for you to feel less pressure and feel good about yourself when nothing should be feeling good about you until you are under the shadow of His wing.  God never, never, never, ever, ever sends you to anyone or anything and it is ONLY, ONLY under the blood of Jesus that you can be saved. It is not a six-week course, it is not a holy roller thing.  It is simply acknowledging our sins, and accepting what Jesus did over two thousand years ago on the cross.  In fact in less than a month we will be remembering that time in history.  You bet.  The world will be loaded with eggs, chicks, rabbits, chocolate ones 3′ tall at that.  But the only thing that amounts to any thing on Easter Sunday will be what He did for me, for you and for your friends.  Believing it.  Living it. Waiting for the eternal values to be completed in our lives.  Christianity is taught only in the Bible and Bible alone.  No other book has to be alongside the Bible.  God created. All others “founded”.  The Bible is all about the Trinity.  Any thing else that you can find, and you CAN find PLENTY else, is not from the Bible and not Christianity because Christianity is our Belief in the God of the Bible.  It is a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not the God of any other Book or program.  You either believe the Bible or you don’t. You cannot have one foot in the Bible and one foot in some thing else.  It cannot be.  It will not be in the end.

God gives you the best LAST…..that is Eternal Life.  Living with Him, glorifying Him, praising Him for all eternity.  (Found also in Revelation). I can only imagine what the Marriage Feast of the Lamb will be.

With Satan his last is eternal burning (you will find this in Revelation).  You cannot have both.  Not long ago I found a thought which I shall never forget.  It goes like this.

“We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices.”  The consequences bare troubles of their own because they reap the snowball effect and so one becomes the “cause” and one becomes the “effect”.  And depending where you dip down into this snowball, you can pull up the cause or the effect.  And of course of you are the “cause”, then you make sure that you pull up the “effect”, so the other person gets the blame. See where I am coming from??

Our lives are lived between bookends.  Those bookends are Birth and Death.  In-between those two are all the decisions we make in a lifetime.  Sometimes they scar us for a lifetime. and because of the decision we make (cause) that causes others to respond (effect) and on and on life goes in shreds.

Staying under the cover of God’s protection is the only solution, MK,  troubles don’t cease but the troubles become a different kind than the ones that will be received at the end of each life.  God treats us all alike – the sun and rain falls on all.  But that will end at the day of decision for each and every single life that has ever lived on this earth.

I don’t feel there is much else to say MK, and I am, as you asked, posted this on my Blog but I think enough has been said and I do not want to bring it up again.  Adults make their own decisions.  The responsibility of a Christian is only to tell them the truth and if they don’t accept it, so be it.  Blessings on you and your work there in your home town.


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