So looking forward to..

I have a new surgeon and will be meeting with his office on April 16th.  Yes.  You heard correctly!!  So happy/so relieved/so looking forward to…………..that date and the beginning for a new knee.

I have been dragging my tail because though the surgeon which had been chosen is tops, I had a lot of reservations.  Mostly due to the fact that it never seemed to bother him that I would be coming home,  being “alone”. His care is that I get away from germs.  Hogwash!!  Everything that was done previously for me after surgery he says is no longer being done.  Dr. Dungy and my new surgeon work the same way and some how things keep going on and on…….and on like the Energizer Bunny.

I had written Dr. Dungy in Chandler and talked with him regarding my dilemma of being too far away for him to do this knee.  He called me and the ball began to roll.  He referred me to a Surgeon out here who practices as he does.  I just made that first appointment a bit ago and when the surgery is over they will have the transportation and all planned for my stay for rehabilitation.  (Medicare approves up to 21 days, though I needed only 5-7 days last time)  The Dr. says he never sends one of his patients home when they live alone. He is also a 5 star Doctor. Actually there are a lot of them.  Every General MD has their favorite who “is the best”, but there are many of them out today, for which I am grateful.

The pain is excruciating, and has been for quite a while now.  No longer using the cane except when I go to the store where there are carts.  The rollator is so much help.  It makes me look like I am having no problems at all.  But …… NOT QUITE THE WAY IT IS.  I will make it though because I have this new development in the works.

Thank you Lord for this additional relief.

Some how, I have been able through these years to be guided more down-to-earthly and I believe full well God gives the direction.  Well.  Of course what does the verse/motto that I have for the concert say?  And He shall direct your path.

Again,trust/lean/acknowledge……….and He shall.

Some of you out there don’t seem to think you need guidance or Someone to help. Believe me, the Lord is the mighty Friend/Helper/Leader/Guide/Change-of-Directioner.  Take Him at His word – – give Him a chance in your life.  You will not go wrong.

On His Path and on His Course…..Marge

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