I thot I had it all once~~~~

~~~~but then I was to find out that I had little or nothing.  Speaking of music now.  Being 82 does curtail some activities with the hands.  They ain’t what they used to be and they don’t do what they used to do, butttttttttttt.  With God nothing is impossible, even old hands.

I have mentioned the little church that feels like home now and I can honestly say to you, I would rather be there ( The Shepherd’s Gate Community Church SBC) than any other place.  It is home.  It is a place where family is there.  It is a place where we have the cream of the crop as the Minister of Worship. He knows what it is and he knows how to handle it.  He leads with the leadership of a leader and is a blessing to all in the congregation.

I haven’t mentioned the Pastor before. But I will now.  I like the way he teaches.  He loves the Lord and the Word and the sheep in his pasture.  He is a pastor that I can look up to. Yes!  We have fun!!!  More times than not but at the same time the level of consistency between the Pastor and the other leadership in the congregation and the Pastor and those working the morning service is at the top of the page in my estimation.

A group of us go out for lunch each Sunday noon.  We have three places we go to.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be a part of this church, though it seemed at first as though it was something that just happened to come about but it was not.

I had been dealt a huge blow in the church I was attending when it came to the piano position being available. The person who had always let me know how much he appreciated my piano work was the one who some years ago promised the piano position to a person long before it became available.

I learned a huge lesson from this.  You know it well.  When God closes one door He has another ready to open and BEWARE!!  It will be bigger and better than any thing you could possibly think of, and more wonderful than what you thought you had lost!!

I lost nothing.  I gained a position that only God could have made available for me and to me.  As well I gained a wonderful pastor.  Not only do we have fun but we are also on the same wave link of doing God’s work in God’s way and His timing.  And to top it all off to have the Worship Leader that I have now is not even something that I ever dreamed of because I thought my music life was over, except for a few specials scattered here and there and a prelude every Sunday that no one listened to any way.

If you are ever found in a position of having to come to a stop in your life that you never thought would happen just remember God is not finished with you yet and what He has in mind for you might be more than you ever bargained for or dreamed you could do.

I love my church family.  I love my pastor.  I love the Minister of Music. I love being able to sit down at a wonderful piano and being at the piano for the whole service.  I love the friends that I have in this church.  We are friends…..good friends.  I am where I am supposed to be and there I will stay until God deems differently.

“My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

In His Grasp!


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