Luck/Coincidence or Faith/Trust..which is it for you!!

The world sees things through the eyes of luck or coincidence.  The Christian sees things through the eyes of faith or/and trust.

Many greeting cards have the word luck in their greeting.  I make sure I never purchase one  of those because there is no “luck” involved in the Christian life.  None at all.

When we have a hard time hit and it remains for a long period of time and even blows up into a bigger situation than what first was seen, we have a choice.  We can stand our ground with the foundation of Faith or we can slip and slide around and be wishy-washy and find ourselves hanging onto nothing.

With Faith comes Trust.  When you are in the dark and can’t find the Lord in the mess that you find yourself in, you reach out in Faith and Trust. You keep on trusting until once again you begin to see ever so dimly what you can only see when faith is at the helm of your life.

Jumping around, finding something that makes you “feel” good is Satan’s greatest tool, and you are on very dangerous ground.  It will be here today and gone tomorrow.  That is a figure of speech.  Some times the “today” and the “tomorrow” of that statement stretches out into years and before you know it,  your life has been led for years by Satan and not by God. Living by feelings is not a part of God’s economy. You will find it no where in the Word.

Feelings is Satan’s quick-fix for you and believe me, if he can get you attached to it, he knows he has your number.

Through the next little while, we are going to look at Faith and get a good glimpse of Faith as was seen by so many both in the OT and the NT.  We will look at how to obtain Faith and how to keep it alive and well in our lives.  If you are not a Christian, I feel sorry for you.  This study will have no workings within you because you are not a Christian.

Sometimes we find friends who are a Christian by association only.  And that really means nothing except it all sounds good to them as they progress alongside Satan.

If you are not a Christian, you are looking elsewhere, trying to find something that fulfills your life and even with that you have the nerve to say God is leading when it is Satan leading you right over the clift with the pigs. (Remember the demons that ask Jesus to allow them to enter the pigs and go over the clift?) (Matt. 8:28-34)

So Christian Friend, we will learn how to delve more deeply into Faith living.  And non-Christian Friends, if you want to come along for the ride you are welcome.  May your life be changed.  Only God can change it, but He is very willing.  He wants none to perish, and that includes you.

In His Hands.

IMG_2225 Marge (and Od)


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