I forgot.

One gal asked what a service looked like for a Sr Adult Church service.  I already listed it in my previous post.  I forgot I was to give another answer so here tis.  A gal wanted to know what my place looked like when the holiday season things were down.  This is what it looks like right now. Not much more will be done before summer. The “heart” will probably give way to a wreath later.

Better get all these pictures and questions out-of-the-way now because the FB will be different.  But OH MY!!!!  I already see I am going to love FB.  AND I HATED IT!!  Old people should be forced to do things.  They would find out what they had been missing for so long.  The same was true with paper towels.  Remember when the various size sheets per roll first came out?  WHAT A WASTE.  MAKE THEM ALL ONE SIZE.  But then I got a roll accidentally.  I NEVER KNEW IT WAS SO HELPFUL to have a different size available. Now I don’t buy a roll with just one size sheet on it.  Ho Hum.

DSCN0128.jpgOd has his parking spot and I have mine and between his stroller and my rollator the choice parking spots are taken.  The cane is fast giving way to the rollator.  It is steadier, however when he feels like walking I usually take the cane so he can go faster.

Gotta run.  Blessed rest of the weekend.

Marge H.

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