I am always so excited on Saturdays~~~~

So EXCITED – – – – – to be working with such a great Worship Leader, Bob McConnell.

So EXCITED – – – – – to be the one on that beautiful piano.  An upright. Yip.  You heard right. A Yamaha Upright and the bass makes your soul shiver.

So EXCITED – – – – – to be setting up my music on Saturday afternoon for Sunday morning.

We sing so much.  Call to Worship Hymn  All Hail King Jesus.

Response We Will Glorify.

Then do four hymns back to back.  Lamb of Glory.  Name of All Majesty. Glorious is Thy Name. His Name is Wonderful.

Doxology.  Invitation.  Closing Chorus: Family of God

And tucked in is the Offertory and the sermon.  Beautiful  God is good.

Then……….this next week I am expecting the Digital piano.  I will not be ready to start this Tuesday but hopefully I will be the next Tuesday.  With the piano not here for this week, I can go and set in on the devotional time and get acquainted with the way Bob handles it all.

Tuesdays are not like the Wednesday Chapel here.  It is for one of the Halls in the Nursing Home.  How much they understand and are blest by, I don’t know.  But it is definitely a ministry and THAT is all I am after.

I will be so glad to have the piano because then I can have the piano I want whenever I am asked to play any where.  Some of the ones around here are not exactly well-kept and it is because of “where” they have to stay.

A couple of you asked what the Sunday service was like in a Senior Citizen Church service.  There you have it.  Actually it isn’t much different from in most churches.  What makes a difference at times is whether there is a Praise Team or not and we would never have that in this style church.  But having been a Dir., Music Ministries for over a decade  I can see where the Praise Team is very important.  Everything has its place, and it pays to stay in “your” place and then there are no grips or complaints.  lol

Time to go and run through the music to see how it sounds.  I am feeling better.  But, still needing to rest.  Meds are down to the last two days of 13 EACH DAY. UGH.

Blessings on each of you right where you are!!



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