Hello Canada! Hello Omegans!!

Been thinking about you more today than I have in a long time. I worked with a group a couple of weeks ago who are young – – – the age you were once upon a time, and then also remembering precious visits of 2018. Knowing now, that soon we won’t be touching base as we have with the Blog going.  But I do hope to do a bit on FB, though it really isn’t my thing.  Too old.

Rae Larson called, looking for some information.  I have Martha Meisner’s bookmark from her 100th birthday (a couple of years ago) on the refrigerator.  At times Gail has her mother’s picture on FB with hers.  And Sharon wrote a most beautiful Christmas (actually in thinking of New Years Eve) letter and my mind flooded with all those memories.

New Years Eve was always a special time for the Omegans as was Graduation time when we all went on the Riverboat. Annnnd, Wayne created the “glass ball” for our dining time enjoyment.  I remember somehow the battery went out on it and he looked at me and said, “I suppose I am to go up there and fix it!”  Well!  Of course!!!!!!  How was that done Wayne??  I THINK you took a rotisserie motor and slowed it down and then attached it to a styrofoam “ball” and we covered it with glass ‘gems’. And as the light turned on, and it began to rotate, it looked just like the real thing  Thanks, Wayne.  Well done!!

I wish so much that I could get up one day and find myself going somewhere, (don’t know where) but when I opened a door, there you would be, together in that room for one last time.

Those were good times.  And all the times you spent in our home – – they were very good times too.  The Key Club was a treasure for Loren – he enjoyed that Wed. night hour so much and you did a lot of memory work – DIDN’T YOU!!!!  lol

I have many friends but they are friends that I have never seen nor expect to meet.  We met through the CrossBooks creating the Blog for me after I wrote the book.  I have a lot of others who have read the Blog just to be finding out what I am doing. Others have worked through Bible Studies with me.  All of these were a part of a Blog I never knew any thing about, nor expected in my wildest dreams to be a part of.  The Blog ends on Wednesday 1/23 and dismantled on 1/31.

But the most joy I had was in those other years in the beautiful, minus 30’s all winter cold, special country of Canada with a group of Canadian people who loved vinegar on french fries, called a napkin a serviette, a couch/divan a Chesterfield, put cream in their hot tea annnnnnnd~~ a restroom was called a washroom.

But above and beyond all of those fun things, the strength of the Lord in their lives was something you not only “watched” but could live out yourselves.  The Lord was alive and well in their lives – so was Satan – – but those dear ones were like Job  – not like his wife.  They would stand tall and dig in their heels to what they believed in and would not tremble at the site of misery but found strength day-to-day.

A couple of years ago, Ron Meisner went past 131 Kane and took a picture for me.  It hangs over my desk.  They haven’t even changed the house color.  What a memory.  Besides all of that I live in a Senior Complete Living Campus and what is the name!!!!!!  LIFESTREAM!!  Would you believe that – you six or seven people who worked so hard on musicals – our Sunday afternoons were spent in great ways. Oh yes….forgot!! A sack was called a bag.  I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God gives us memories so that we can have roses in the December of our lives.  I have thousands and thousands of acres of beautiful, beautiful roses.  Thank you Lord!!

I leave with you ONE of my very favorite scriptures.  It has seen me through a lot and those times are not finished for me, nor for you.  Life keeps on changing with every year, every day, every hour even that we live.  You have seen this verse before.  Here it is.

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.  

A promise from God to me – – to you – – to all those who have touched our lives in one way or another.  He is sufficient to meet every single need you have had, have now, or ever will have.

Omegans ~ ~ ~ “Thanks for the memory.  You will always be in my heart

In the Grip of His Hand and on His Road

Marge    (and Loren, too)

11315 W. Peoria Ave., Unit A-8

Youngtown, AZ 85363

email:  mrhlrh214@gmail.com

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