The Silent Generation….The Baby Boomers

Ah, yes.  I am a part of what is called the Silent Generation.  It seems that in 1951 Time magazine had an essay in which it dubbed the people of the age to be the Silent Generation because they were viewed more cautious than their parents. I haven’t figured that one out yet.  We were the ones who introduced the wiggles of the Elvis time among so much else. But today we number 28.32 million.

And then there are the Baby Boomers. There are 74.1 million of them and 10,000 are reaching retirement age every day.

A beautiful apartment building is going up with the BB’s in mind.  Each apartment will have a garage and a golf cart entry plus sooooooooooo many other things. Several unusual settings to spend evenings with their friends right there on campus.They are going to cost through the eye and the nose. The BB today is saving nothing, they are trying to match the Jones’.  Where will the money come from to live in high society. The middle name in today’s society is “pride.”  Until that is extinguished and the BB settles in to living as they can afford and stop trying to out-match the Jones’ the most difficult time of their lives will be before them.

I believe in every generation there is a lot of good.  In every generation there always will be the ones searching and striving with all of their being to make a difference in some one’s life and bring them to the Lord.  A life lived only for self is such a lost cause and does come to an end somewhere in time when admission has to come that we are not our own conquerors.  We are simply sinful, sinful people.  All of whom God designed, created and placed on the earth at a given time.  He knew  what we would need.  In His great mercy and agape love He gave us a way out – – His Son, Jesus. Without Him we are a goner. Every generation has the same problems, the same sins, the same way out.

One of our young people from our Wpg. days was at a hockey game not long ago and had a stroke.  Here on the campus is a man, I believe to be maybe in his 60’s, he walks with a rollator, but can only inch his feet along.  Another lady in her 50’s, was carrying groceries from the car, had a stroke before she got inside.  Whole right side paralyzed.

I am so grateful for those of the Silent Generation who plugged along and kept on keeping on, firm in their beliefs of their Lord and Savior and passed it on to their children.  I am grateful too for those of the BB generation who did get a firm grasp on the real core of living and had the vision to press on and make as many disciples for the Lord as they possibly could. Making a difference for their generation.  How important that was – – that is.

Friend, Silent Genernationer, or Baby Boomer at large – – no matter how far into the high maintenance world you have yourself caught, know you are so welcome with your Lord’s level.  In fact, He is so far above the high maintenance way of living today that there can never be any comparison.  He will never turn His back on you, With Him at the helm your life, pride will vanish – having to be something you really aren’t and never was. I have people around me who are extremely HIGH MAINTENANCE.  The balloon will pop some where, some time, in some way.  Be careful.  Know your limits.  Be prepared to give God every detail of your life.  Let Him live through you.  You will begin to be so satisfied with your life. He will make a difference in you and for you and with you.

I close with this. Will Graham (Billy Graham’s g’son), in his first book, REDEEMED, writes….”Whatever is going on in your life today please check your spiritual compass and ensure that you’re on the right path.  It may be a relationship that you know isn’t right. Maybe it’s an addiction, a sin, or a passion that’s become an idol, pulling you away from your Savior. Perhaps you’ve hurt someone, and it’s time to ask for forgiveness.  Regardless, point your compass to Jesus, follow His Word, and set heaven as your destination.  Once you have, to paraphrase Proverbs 3:6, “He shall direct your path.”

Yes, my Friend.  Wherever you are – whoever you are.  He is right there and He shall direct your path.  I know  I’ve been there.  Done that.  Now it is you turn.

In the compass of His Hand and His Heart.

Marge H.


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