It was a very interesting holiday season, but~~~

~~~it might be better to leave out the words, “holiday season”, because the interesting/challenging part of it all had nothing to do with the “holiday”.

There is a time when we can change insurance policies each year. Then a deadline arrives.

Loren and I always had a secondary insurance with our Medicare and NEVER once had to pay out a dime. There were some years when between Medicare and our Supplemental well over $80,000 was paid out and we did not have to pay a dime except our premiums.

I have had two years in a row whereby I have not used all of my deductible and yet was paying out monthly $183.21 for the secondary.  I was talked in to getting an HMO. I was told it would be much easier/better for me. And besides, every body does it. HOG WASH.

I had cancelled my secondary and was ready to begin when I just felt terribly in the dark.  I knew I should never have done what I did. Asked the gal if I could cancel.  She said you have until tomorrow to get it done.  (I didn’t know I was at that time frame when I called her). I got it done.

Then I was two months without any payments to CSI.  But you do have the opportunity ONCE to ask to be reinstated without any questions, health or otherwise. CSI graciously reinstated me as of 12/31/18, I was drafted current.  All was/is well.

Butttttttttt………Not so fast.  Not only was CSI a factor but I also had Humana Drug Plan. My yearly plan with them was up 12/31/18. (It had to be cancelled before I got the HMO) I immediately got on the phone and ask to have the dis-enrollment request cancelled.  The gal “worked through the info” and said it was all taken care of. That was 12/19/18.  All was well.

Became ill this past week.  With each day, increasingly got worse.  Monday, 1/7/19,  called my Dr.’s office. All the Doctors and their Assistants were booked solid until late Wednesday afternoon.

It was time to go to Urgent Care. With an Inhaler and X-ray it was determined that I was on the brink of pneumonia.  Came away with four prescriptions and an inhaler. Went directly to fill them.  When ready to pay for them, I was told I had no prescription insurance.  $150.00 setting there ready to be rung up.  I told them I would worry about that later. I would pay for them now so I could get home.

I rested for a while at home and then decided if I could hold out physically a bit longer I should try to contact Humana and find out what happened.  After being dis-connected FOUR TIMES and having to begin again the FIFTH TIME, I was in tears but knew from what little I had learned from each attempted call, I better keep on keeping on.

The final time in tears I got a woman who decided that I needed help I guess.  We were on the phone together for almost an hour.  She said, “Hang on.  We are going to do this. I know it can be done.”  It was all there on her computer about my call and the gal who helped back on 12/19/18.  I was re-enrolled.  But it never got past her desk.  I was not re-enrolled.

THIS gal made note of one slender hope for me.  It was 1/7/19. All re-instatements had a deadline of 1/7/19.  Those not completed by that date were cancelled.  She said we have time do this………..barely.  I AM in fact, reinstated.

What does all of this lead to!! One thing.  I had prayed from the time I made the stupid mistake to go for an HMO until yesterday afternoon that ALL would be brought up to date and my foolishness would be behind me. It was up and down for so many, many days. I was not aware of any deadline date(s) except for the HMO choice deadline and even though I knew it but it had not struck home yet when I asked if I could cancel the plan I had chosen.

Only God.  Only God.     He is all I have and He does not let me continue too far without helping me.  I used to say that Loren would give me a lot of rope but he would not let me hang myself.  That statement is faaaaaar truer with the Lord when you belong to Him.  Here is proof.

“In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths”.

There were two important dates: the deadline date in Dec. for exiting the HMO.  Then the deadline date in Jan. for re-instating Humana.  I believe firmly that He did direct my path into both of those.  Otherwise I would have waited until a time when I felt better.

Those twelve words in that part of a verse stand out hugely to me.  I believe the Lord helped me in “my ways” and I have done the right thing, even if a million other people do it differently.

In all His ways, I am stable, and only then.

Marge H.

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