Well…….I am not sure what to expect next!!

Thanks for your input.  I don’t know what to expect next.  Here I am an old woman and I have a cell phone, no landline. I have a MacBook Pro that does not use a mouse.  I pay my bills online and now………………..I am the proud owner of a William Legato III Digital Piano.

A piano was not going to work out for me to be able to minister on Hall 100.  I did not mind purchasing one except I knew nothing about what I was doing.  I have learned a lot just in these few days – almost – few hours. It is on backorder but I can expect to be up and playng by either the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of this month.

Our Chaplain’s Assistant, Jan, has two of them.  One is an 88 keys which she uses for Chapel on Wednesdays and any thing else over at Cooks Care Center.  And the other one is 64 keys and she uses it here at Hines for Bible Studies.

Now I will have versatility and can take it wherever I want to use it whether there is a piano or not.  There are some pianos here that are difficult to like/enjoy, so I can get around that easily now.

This company is based in Utah, though the product is coming out of the K.C., MO area.  What I liked about them was I was able to hear the different tone qualities online from the instrument.

This, together with this coming Sunday being my first Sunday officially, of being the Church Pianist for SGCC makes me very grateful.  Grateful that the Lord could see some usage from this old woman. Nothing is impossible with the Lord.  Nothing.

In His Continual Shaping.


P.S.  Thanks for your input.  So appreciated.

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