WOW! It is now official for me!!

Beginning this coming Sunday, January 6, 2019, I will be the Church Pianist for Shepherd’s Gate Community Church (SGCC) here in Sun City, AZ  It is a Southern Baptist Church.  I have worked in many of them through the past 30 years as I have set up the Music Ministry whereby they have not had even a single piece of choir music, let alone any choir in the choir loft.  Those were thrilling times.

I have always liked the Southern Baptist (SB) way of doing things. They have two very major “drives” each year.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  It is for North American Missions Board.  In 2016 they topped 59.6 million.  Annie Armstrong lived 1850-1938.  She died when I was 3 years old.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.   It provides critical International Missions Efforts.  In 2016 they topped 165.8 million. Lottie Moon was a missionary in China for 40 years. She lived from 1840-1912.   She was the namesake of the SB International Missions Board Offering.

What I like especially about the SB is that all peoples who have been called to the mission field, do not have to come up with their own finances.  The SB Board takes care of their salaries.  They have enough to do to give up family and homeland, culture, language and so much else without having to be burdened with their salaries besides.


SGCC is a Southern Baptist Church.  Very small.  Very nice.  Well laid out. In my estimation, they could not have a more qualified Minister of Worship.  Excellent. In fact, he was just here with music for me and to tell me it was now official, I am their Church Pianist.

I know he will “stretch” me, for what, I do not know because I will not be going to any other church to serve.  The age is now dictating what I do. I do know in the Word, God used a LOT of people past the 70 age mark and I am WELL past that.

I will give my best.  I am now far enough removed from 6-20-2008 that I can raise my head, feel the drenching of the Lord’s will and power to serve in this capacity where He wants me and however long He wants me there.

“Do not call to mind the former things nor ponder things of the past.  Behold, I am doing something new.”

In the grasp of my Lord.

Marge H.


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