The “time” has finally arrived…..

It has been coming for a long time – and some times has reared it’s head for a bit but then returned to sleep for a bit longer but the decision has been made and…………no turning back.

“It”.      “It” is the fact that on Thursday, January 31st, I will post my last post on Moments with Marge.  It has been fun.  It has been an adventure.  It has been torture at the beginning because I was dealing wholly with the lost of my husband and responding to others who had now read my book and because of the book, CrossBooks created a Blog for me so I could help others.

“Helping others” can only be done to a point.  With regards to the loss of a spouse, there have been so many searching for help, wanting help, but denying in reality.  Without help the security blanket holds steady if you want to call it that.  Getting out of the realm of the security blanket might mean trying something that might take you above and beyond the situation and at times we are not ready to do that.

I do believe after over eleven years, you who have been attached to my Blog because of the loss have either found help or you don’t want help.  It is only so long that we can bleed a turnip and then we must move on.

I have certainly enjoyed sharing recipes to all of you especially during the holiday season in the years past.  But that too, has to come to an end when you are only one person and there are not many recipes for ONE person that one would want to share.

Household Hints – They too have been fun to post and I hope you have found some to put to use.  Still, today I am doing things that help me a lot.

I have never liked FB.  Butttttttt.  In growing older and in time I have noticed that it is more valuable than rubies, so as to speak.  People have come out of the woodwork. People that we knew thirty and forty years ago and some how they found me (without looking) on FB and our friendship has been renewed.  So I am going to take that step and move out of the Blog “business” and into the fast-paced world of FACEBOOK, beginning January 31st, 2019.

May I put a bug in your ear, so as to speak. If you have found my recipes fun to make and pass on…….and if you have found my household hints helpful, how about you, in turn, doing the same for your readers.  You have many things that are helpful and many recipes that are yummy – – share them and see what a wonderful feeling it brings to your heart, as it did to mine.

In His Hands, as usual.

Marge H.

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