I have had a marvelous few days.  The most wonderful Christmas present I could ever receive for this time in my life.

I played last Sunday morning at Shepherd’s Gate Community Church (SGCC).  It is a Southern Baptist Church – very familiar with SBC and comfortable there.

I played tonight (Christmas Eve) for their Candlelight service  Very comfortable in every way.

When the music was brought to me this morning I was told, “the congregation loves you and wants you. The pastor wants you. I want you,” so said the Minister of Music. So they are in the process of making the change in accompanist as soon as it can be worked out.  They have been looking for someone to be permanent and now it looks like they have found some one to meet their needs and I have found a place with a need that I can fulfill.

I have a wonderful Minister of Music to work with. There is always the sense of knowing and feeling what he is knowing and feeling with his music.  It seems like old times. Times that left a long time ago and yet the feeling of those times never drained from my heart – my mind.

I never once believed I would ever again work as I once did, except just a bit differently.  Differently meaning, no Nursery, Children’s Department, HS, CnC, Singles, Young Marrieds.  (Should I go on)  Didn’t think so.  The congregation is made up of only Seniors and their appreciation of a good service amounts to a lot.  They have known the “meat and potatoes” of the music world in the church.  It is so good to get back to that.

With Tuesdays in Hall 101 ministering through the music and the accompanist work at SGCC, I will have all the work I can handle.  The Minister of Music at SGCC is also the person I will be working with in Hall 101.  Neat.

This is Christmas Eve.  Never thought I would be posting this kind of a post but life IS interesting.  May God bless us all as we look beyond the ‘warm fuzzies’ of the manger, past the thirty-three years of Jesus’ life on the earth to the ‘butcher shop’ straight ahead at Easter time.  What He did for us is not something that we can comprehend easily – never will – it is beyond all human understanding.  But by faith and faith alone, we accept what He did so that Eternal Life could and would be ours.

What a Savior!!!!

Til next time, then.

Marge H.

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