The Wonder of it All~~~~~~

There’s the wonder of sunset at evening I see.  The wonder as sunrise I see. But the Wonder of Wonders that thrills my soul is the Wonder that God loves me.

Many of you remember George Beverly Shea singing this so many, many times at Crusades.  Isn’t it true for you, too?

The wonder of it all is behind Christmas .  Oh yes.  Sleigh rides.  Santa.  Gifts we can’t afford and don’t want. Decorations.  Programs. Food galore.  Parties.

What is the real reason for the season~~~~~~~~~~God loves me.  God loves you.  And so He gave His all to redeem us.  Puny you and puny me.

We have so much. Homes. Clothing. Food on the table.  Family.  One day. It will all be left behind and walked away from for one reason and one reason alone.  God, in His agape love, gave His Son as a Babe in the Manger, geared 33 years later to die on the old wooden cross that you and I might be saved.  God made the provision for us to be salvaged from Hell.  This is the true meaning of Christmas.

As He lives forever………we, in Him, shall live forever.



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