The touch~~~~

The Christmas season brings with it the “touch” of so much and it reverberates long after the season is finished.

Last Wednesday we had the candlelight service here on campus.  I was invited to do the prelude.  It was a real joy and the Master touched my hands and gave His blessing for that moment to my heart.

Sunday I will be doing the Christmas Sunday music on a beautiful piano at SGCC.  It is an upright but a YAMAHA and those bass notes make the soul quiver with their sound.  The postman today delivered a book with four Christmas pieces in it – all done in the chime effect.  Love it.  For my prelude for Christmas eve at SGCC I plan to do Silent Night in Chime form.

I am so grateful for the opportunity both last week and now during the Christmas week.  I didn’t think I would ever have this opportunity again – it has slipped out of my hands several times but not this time.

As I look back over the day just finished, it was the Winter Solstice 2018.  Shortest day of the year.  I love the long evenings.  Candle light and dimmers on the lights work at our home.  Can’t use candles/dimmers when it is 115 outside and the sun still up at 8:30pm.  lol  Perhaps there will be another Winter Solstice 365 days from now.

With Christmas Day so close may we remember Mary’s attitude toward the Lord and as we experience Martha’s frustrations with getting every thing just right, let’s remember what the Lord said to Martha, “Thou art careful and troubled about many things!  But one thing is needful….” (Luke 10:41,42)

As our culture beats at our doors this coming Tuesday, be mindful that we can relax and be filled with the freshness of our Lord.  The joy that comes from His fragrance is beyond description. We can choose what and how we make the Day.

Only one thing is needful………….Jesus Christ!

As we look in upon the stable scene.  The dim lighting.  The shadows.  The beams in the stable.  Look closely, you will see the shadow from the light on the beam showing as the shape of a cross.  Something yet to come………but for now…….He is the Babe in the Manger in Bethlehem.  The angels are about to break into a magnificent chorus and the shepherds in the field are about to be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…………they will be the first – – the very first missionaries……..they will tell the news of the Baby born in that stable.  The Baby who will grow up and die an ugly death, but rise again and come again some day for those who are faithful and as they wait, they share the story of how Jesus Christ has saved them from eternal damnation for eternal glory and a life lived with Him for all eternity.    Maranatha!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for that Day……….Marge H.


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