How fast things can change for us….

Do you sometimes find yourself on the end of the totem pole wishing you could make changes to what you are doing?  I have been there.  Many times.

Sunday I went to Shepherd’s Gate Community Church (SGCC) for the very first time.  Very small. Very sweet.  A terrific Minister of Music, Bob McConnell.  Yes. He was at First Baptist but now at SGCC.  I was there last Sunday to observe and the church is half the size – – in fact – – smaller than that – – – – of EBC.  They have gone through a split in their short time together but the grumps are out and gone.  Now they can heal and grow.  it will take time.  But it can happen.

The first thing up for me is that I will be doing their Christmas Sunday Service. As well, I will do Christmas Eve. Looking forward to both especially because it gives me an opportunity to do some of the music I have not done in several years.  It is so good to be able to play once again as I once did.  And we will see where this will lead.

I went with Jan (our Chaplain’s right hand gal) to observe the Bible Study time at Cook’s.  Bob leads the whole service and I have been given the opportunity to be his pianist for that time in the week.  (This will help Jan noticeably) (It will help me as I learn to play for Bob and do his bidding as his accompanist.) Hall 101 is definitely a ministry, and I like that.  Some day I may be there. And the next two Tuesdays are holidays, so I begin my work there in January.

I was asked if I would consider the Northside Birthday Party Day each month at LS.  The answer was no.  Any one can do that.  I like the ministries that are hard……Hall 101 is hard. That is where I belong.

For an old woman both of these opportunities are exactly what/where I had hoped I would/could be before my ministry in music would end.

May God use the ministry of Bob and myself in Hall 101.  Keep us in prayer.  May God also use the ministry of SGCC as they ministry to the area around them.

May the message of a Savior who came as a Babe, to offer us eternal life, some 33 years later, be sprinkled all around, over, above and through into every home and every family and may those living within reach of a christian church find within their heart the love of the Lord richly seeping in and through their lives as 2019 begins.

May you be God-blest as you head into the Christmas week.

In His Hands and On His Road.

Marge H.

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