Can tell I am rather…….old~~//>>

It took me a whole day to realize the quickest way to get help is to contact my Geek.  Of course.  In no time at all he had me back on the straight and the narrow.  Ho hum.

Now I see on WordPress that “a new editor is coming to level up my layout”.  If only they knew that an ole woman can’t keep up on all the new things.  Maybe it is time to take down my shingle. NO WAY……NOT YET

Winnipeg’ers it is reading 19F on my MacBook Thermometer of course that is F. and not C.  Here this morning it was 36F. before the sun came up.  Lots of snow in our high country and that is so good for the economy up there.  I am still looking for the name on that painting/picture.  I know it was mostly something with your parents.  Just thought you might remember what it was called.  Usually I can put in a word or two and the computer comes up with exactly what I am looking for butttttttttt,  not with this one!!

And of course, now the holiday trimmings are in full swing.  If my health holds I plan on going out once a week to a store and just enjoying the looks of it and get something holidayish to enjoy having before coming back home.

I did notice the past day or so I am beginning to stagger a bit – nope – nothing I am drinking.  But it is now time for me to switch over to the rollator full-time.  I do feel secure as yet to use the cane when another picks me up but for general walking and out with Od, it is now time.   I am so grateful for what we have to make use of when we need to do something more stable for ourselves.  What I have enjoyed the most about all of this is that I have (ahead of needing it) have looked around at all the choices out there and gotten the one I thought I would enjoy using the most.  One of the companies also had choices of cane holders to put on the rollator as well as nicely printed cloth name plates to put on the handle of the walker so you always know you are getting home with your own.  Nice.

I had sold Od’s stroller when I moved over to M6 thinking we would not need it again because of all the green grass.  But since coming back to A8 it helps him if he can ride part way to where he likes to roam .  I did order another stroller for him. It is a bit more compact than the one we had.  When I have it, I don’t need the rollator but the cane is needed then so having a cane holder that I can transfer is really nice.

Meeting our problems head on.  Have you ever thought about the Armor of God?  There is a breastplate to protect us.  Nothing in the back though.  Hmmmmmm.  We are to meet our problems head on.  No retreating.

Od and I had some friends visit us last Sunday.  We enjoyed that so much.  All of you out there, just know our door is always open to you.  Would love to see you.

January we will begin our study of the “Gifts”.  They are different from the “Talents”. Very, very different.

Some are asking for new recipes for the holiday season.  I am just about reciped out. I will share them next time, but there are not many.

In His Hands.  Marge H.


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