Okay, dear ones~~~~~

It’s Christmas time!  That’s right!!  You heard me correctly!!!!  Oh I know where some of you are.  I remember well how difficult it was for year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and right on.  But in time, things do get better.  I promise.

I remember the first Christmas after Loren left for Home.  I was working at my church and was to be a part of a committee.  I managed to remain in the meeting but when it was over I ‘ran’ to my office space and opened the door simply to find the staff having Christmas dainties and I brushed through them and got to my desk.  I remember my dear pastor’s wife coming and saying, “we love you”. My response??  I HATE Christmas – I HATE it.  She hugged me.  Later when I had run an errand and had come back to my desk, there was a candy bar.  The next morning, there was a red rose on my desk. Some one had a card in my desk drawer, too.  It was unsigned but stating, “we love you. We are praying for you.”  It was a card of encouragement.  No.  I never found out nor did I ask – –  who the givers were but I knew full well they loved me.  They knew I would make it through alright but….. I had a very l–o–n–g way to go and they also knew that too. I can’t tell you how many times it was that the church staff propped me up.  My God knew the need right then.

Some of you have lost your lover just recently – this is going to be an awful holiday season.  No getting around it.  Just remember do what you can, when you can, but ALWAYS – – – –  keep your eyes fixed on the Lord.  He is the only One who needs to have your total attention right now.

So.  That is my word of encouragement to you.  I just finished “baking” pinecones.  I plan to make a pinecone tree this year.  I did.  Many, many years ago.  I can do it again, now.

Here are some of the pictures of my start to the holiday season, ten years and six months after Loren left for Home.


11315 W. Peoria Ave., Apt. A-8, Youngtown, AZ 85363



DSCN0106.jpgOd is peeking around the chair. LR is a bit empty looking as we are waiting for a glider to be delivered next week.  My back situation is such that a chair such the one seen above is best for it.  A glider will give Od a place to lay by me while I study/read/write and THAT he will enjoy greatly!!!!!  He was in my lap and fell out the side of the above chair.  Wasn’t too happy with that.  Hims a sweetie!!!!

If you have never seen one before, this is called a “string curtain”.  Comes in all colors and makes a lovely room divider when you are in a small place.  I love it and it is so very elegant after dark with only a few lights on. Each panel is 36″ wide and 6′ long.  I am using 5 panels here.


Unknown.jpegHave a blessed season.  Whether you are a complete couple or alone, you can have a blessed season because of how the Lord has and will take care of you as you falter through the horrible feelings of being alone.  With your lover gone from your side now, focus your eyes on the One who promises you, “I will never ever forsake you nor leave you.”  Heb. 11:5

Yes.  I feel the tug at the heartstrings but the heartstrings are coated with my Lord’s Agape love.  THAT is the best “icing” of all time for all things.

God bless you.

In His constant care,  Marge H.

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