How big is our “trust” pattern for life!

It is difficult at times to have the faith needed to move ahead when you feel there is a mountain straight ahead of you. How do we cope?  How do we “let go” so that we are not in control but God is!!

He is faithful at all times.  Never late. Never early.  Never demanding His way, though we “should” know that His way is the perfect way for us.  Letting go of our ways is very difficult particularly when we have to travel at the speed of “Faith”.  At times that feels like we are in a deep, thick fog and we cannot see the yellow strip along the side of our traveling way.

At times we need to have things that we can touch…things that make us feel good…we know God is there but is He really working in our lives…does He really know what I need and when I need it. Silence spends a lot of time with us particularly when things are not going right in our lives.  We are faced with separation..divorce..children going patterns on the frontlines.  When will it all stop. Does God REALLY, REALLY care about puny of us!!!

Aren’t these the things that Satan runs through our minds and gets us off tract from where God has led and is leading us?  We need to “feel” that we have some amount of solidity around us.  A foundation.  Something stable.  And Satan is there to give it to you isn’t he!  But God is asking us to step out in the silent, sight-unseen, fog-stricken weather of our life and “trust”.  Isn’t that asking too much!!! 

 We find so much of the life lived by Moses, Abraham and others like them  in a shroud.  We are not able to see all they went through.  I believe perhaps that if we could see all their ins and outs we would get caught up in that instead of the Lord and what He had asked/demanded/deemed necessary to strengthen each person that He was working with.

Just think for a moment about Abraham.  After so many childless years God gave them Isaac and then for God to ask him to sacrifice him.  I cannot begin to know how Abraham felt.  Did Sarah know about it?  Did he talk with her?  He had to show that he was troubled.  Didn’t she see that and comment on it?  If so how did he reply to her?

But standing afar off and seeing it all unfold on paper, I can see how God was testing Abraham to see how much he was actually trusting God.  Was it in word only or in deed.  Abraham came through alright.  He knew that God had brought him this far and even though he was asking the ultimate from him, still he believed that in the end, however that might be, that Isaac would be taken care of by the One who had given him to them.  

Think for a moment about Mary. A young woman, ready to marry but not necessarily read to be told she will have a Son.  How was her pregnancy? Giving birth.  In a stable.  Her husband as the one to help her deliver.  How clean were things?  What was the clean up like?  Where was the fresh, hot water? What about fresh, clean clothing for both Mary and Joseph.  A shroud covers it all as God has been the One to create, to give, to supply all of the “need” of the moment without any question from the two of them…………that is, that we are informed of in the Word.

Question.  Do we have this kind of faith?  If not, why.  If not, how can we grow our faith. God is a big God.  He has made everything, stars, planets, moon, sun, earth, created all peoples. Knows us all by name and every  cotton-picking thing about each of us.

Let me leave you with one of the most dynamic verses in the Old Testament.  It is found in 2 Chron. 20:17.  You might want to memorize it.

“Do not be afraid – – Do not be discouraged – – Go out to face tomorrow and the Lord will be with you.”

Ah….yes….there is the answer to it all.  God does not, can not lie.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.  We can take that to the bank and count on the deposit.  He is sufficient, particularly when we cannot see in front of us. He IS sufficient in and of Himself.  

Thank You Father.  Thank You!!


Til next time.


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