Ah, yes!  Since last Wednesday morning at 8am, it has been almost non-stop but all is done except for the bathroom and I am doing it up in a way I have never done it before so I have to wait to show you that.  lol

Od sniffed all around the apartment without ever lifting his nose and then when he got to a certain spot he was still sniffing and then – – oops – – what was that!! He turned around to sniff a bit more and yip, it was the spot that he had laid in so many times when he would go to his safety room a/k/a under the bed.  He knew he was “home” and everything else was right where he knew it to be including his spot from whence he eats.  Oh the life of the dog!!

DSCN0091 2.jpgSorry!  This is so blurry. Once I am all decorated for the holidays I will take another.  The lights are on the ground but the windows are not done yet. The rollator is now in use when I go to breakfast.  The  “stance” of my arms when I am using it, affect the back.  I know. Crazy.  My problem is just under the right shoulder blade.  The gal who gave me the neuromuscular massages told me there are 8 layers of muscles to get under before she is where the area is that she works on with me.  All I know is, it worked.  Buttttttt.  Never will it all be the same so simply – – onward we go.  The heating pad has also been out today. It knows it’s spot as well.  Happy touring.  Don’t blink or it will all be over.  lol

DSCN0085.jpgI think I will always love the string curtain. So glad I ran across it.


DSCN0087.jpgThe above is to the right of the front door.

DSCN0086.jpgKitchen is to the left.

DSCN0088.jpgThe bedroom area as you enter.

DSCN0089.jpgAnother view


Those of you who remember our many bookshelves on LaJolla.  All gone now.  This is what remains.  Enough for me though. (And Canada!  You are right there on the TOP shelf.  Of course. )

Til next time.  Marge (and Od)IMG_2122.jpgThis is how he sleeps.


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