The “last move” from my hands is now over/finished/done with.  Od and I are back at A8.  So glad to be here.

The move went so smoothly on Wednesday.  All things are in place/curtains up/bookshelf up/holiday lights are up outside and were on last night.  The workers who leave/come to work at the 6am hour see them and it puts a smile on their face at that early hour.

The funny bone in it all is that about 45 minutes after the movers left, Tori called and informed me that their tenant had text them and told them he would be leaving mid December.  They were kind enough to this ole lady to give me first opportunity to be their next tenant(s).  I had to say no.  In the first place the movers had just left and Bruce has pampered me in getting this move to go sooooo smoothly and now he would kill me if I even gave that idea a second thought.

I do, though, wish I could spend the winter just one more time in the snow.  But you know, if I did it might be the year that I fall on the ice and break a hip and then it would be down hill the rest of the way.  I am very careful here about walking.  My back continues to be very painful at times.  But those times are simply times when I am doing what “I want to do” and the result of that is that the back will let me know that it is not willing to give an inch any longer with this ole lady.  So!!!  I have a lot of patience and growing to do in this area and I will.

I have been on vacation for a week from my work with P2C and Monday begins all over again.  And so all is well.  For now.  Thursday is an appointment to see what we do regarding my dental needs.  Ugh.  I have a growth on my upper gum. Have no idea what it is but we shall see.  It is that time of life and as I keep peddling along I realize that God has blest me so richly with a home, (be it any one of the eleven that I have been in).  This morning before daylight, I was enjoying my cup of coffee with Od beside me resting and I was thanking my Lord for His safe keeping of me and Od through all of these years.

“Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me.  Bless His Holy Name.” 

Od is having some health problems too.  We have a Pet Pharmacy here in Peoria. Believe it or not HE is on Codeine.  Me?  No!  I can’t get it but He can!!!!!!!!  The privilege of being a dog.

Well.  It is early afternoon here and I shall close for now.  Od needs some TLC. You are always welcome – come any time.

In His Hands, still!

Marge H.

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