It’s been a Grand-Old-Day in the Humphrey home….

I was working at my desk when the doorbell rang this afternoon and I opened the door to see three dear friends saying to me, “TRICK OR TREAT”.  How sweet the sound!

Od enjoyed each one too.  These were the three ladies that come for breakfast each morning. One is 94, one 96 and the other 98.  All had their rollaters, cups for coffee and a plate of fall candies. I made coffee and we had the best time together.

They speak of the morning table as one they don’t want to miss.  They love the laughs and the fun at the table.  One morning one had “black” water. (One morning I asked Abraham (our wonderful cook) if he had any black food coloring.  He looked at me and said  “No.  And I won’t ask what you want it for either.” Another one had their banana in their glass of water.  No. I won’t go on.

We are always kidding around with the prunes.  May is quite foxy.  And one day when the cart came around we chose what we wanted from it. I quickly said, “May would like 4 dishes of prunes and before she realized what I had said, Abraham had set 4 dishes of prunes at her place, and went on to the next table. Another morning, out of the blue, Abraham put a serving of prunes on her plate.  I brought the prunes home and dried them. (Took 3 weeks to get the moisture out of them), Then I sprayed them gold and glittered them, put them in a jewelry box, wrapped them and had them laying on the stove in the kitchen when he came to work. We have so much fun. Abraham said, “The only thing that would be nicer would be a Rolex watch.”  (I am looking for pictures of a Rolex and plan to have them taped all over the kitchen when he arrives one morning)

In due time we have already lost 3 people from the table.  I know when the last one of these is gone, I will not go back for breakfast – there are “none other” like them.  Yes. Others are very nice, but NOT like these.  This particular table has always been set apart, even before I was asked to join them – they were different.  They were special.  I can’t tell you how. They just were.  They just are.

To have the three of them at my door today was a God-Blest moment in time for this ole hen – I mean – lady.  We all need special moments that God prepares for us.  These ladies are very frail, though they all walk with rollaters, yet two of them cannot fill out their menus.  They need help because eyesight is so far gone.

Thank You Lord for the gift from Your hand of these three dear women.  Thank You!!

Blest by being… His Hands.



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