This is why moving is sooooo much fun!

I made the decision very recently that the move I made was wrong due to my strength and my health.  Every place I would walk to was twice as far as before.  It simply does not work.  What you have to do when you have done something wrong is to admit it, turn around and return to where you were.  Now.  That sounds very simple but there are times that things don’t fall in place like this = = = = = = for me when it comes to moving I stand back and wait for the impossible to become the possible.  Here’s the scoop!!!!

When I made the decision that I needed to do something about distances, I spoke with our Leasing Office and in a matter of a day they had things in order so that the mechanics for my move “back to where I came from” were in place and ready to go.

I had called the movers to tell them we would probably move mid-week.  They said to get a date set quickly because they were filling up fast for the holiday season.  Within a few minutes after that call the Leasing Office let me know the carpet cleaners are on campus and they will do A8 yet today. Then it will be only a matter of Housekeeping going in and freshening it up and probably on Tuesday I will have the key. The only dirt in there is our dirt because they did not lease it during the month.

I called my movers and the date was set for Wednesday 11/7.  They schedule two moves a day per truck.  And I have the 7:30 time slot.

Now that is what is exciting and fun about moving.

Seriously though, I am finding that cracks and crevices aren’t as easy to fill in our bodies as the sidewalks are.  It has been very difficult for me to walk so far so many times a day. Why walk so many times!!!!  Because it is needful.

Od goes out 3 times a day.  Meals are twice a day.  Mail is once a day. The piano is available on Wed. and Fri. afternoons and Saturdays. Right there is SEVEN times a day that I need to walk TWICE as far as I did from the A Bldg. For some unknown reason I never thought it was as far from where I meander as it is.  MUCH further than A Bldg.

So beginning in early November, the address will return to being A-8 instead of M-6.  Everything else will remain the same.

So.  Onward we go. Right now to the trash bin.


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