It’s Noontime and the sun is out!!

WOW!  Yesterday afternoon we had quite a storm. I don’t believe I have ever seen so much rain so fast.  I could not see the building across the street from our apartment. Nice today though.

I got my wallpaper changed on my laptop and have the winter snow scene from Byron and Tori’s area.  Love it!  I am enclosing a snapshot of what I put on my screen.


dscn0084.jpgThe above was a picture taken by a Wpg. friend months ago – I guess in reality last winter.  I am sorry I took a picture of a picture but it is the best I can do.  Maybe some of you Winnipegers who still drive down Portage and past Kane Ave. might get me a better, bigger picture some time this coming winter.  And of course.  MANY THANKS. (The storm door was one that Loren designed especially for our home.  The top of the top half and the bottom of the bottom half were solid panes.  The other two opened.  The one above that opened was so I could talk to people without opening the door and the bottom one was to open when I wanted fresh air in but not a blast via the full door opening.  It was wonderful.  Loved that feature.)

Some of you are young and much living yet to be done.  If you ever have the opportunity to live in a place like Winnipeg, you will never be sorry if you do it.  The winters are the most beautiful – so cold – lots of ice sculpturing and sooooo much more.  I know – – you have heard it all before.  Can’t help it.  It was a time in my life to remember as something beyond being special.


Ltr.  Marge



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